The deep barrel channel ensures clearance between stock and barrel allowing for easy cleaning, verification nothing is touching barrel, and aids in cooling down the barrel. The barrel fluting and Teflon finish are also shown. The ATN PS22 Night Vision device is attached via scope connector to the Leupold’s 50mm objective.

While Weatherby hunting rifles are well known and respected, their entry into the tactical bolt-action market is relatively unknown. Yet any precision shooter would be comforted to know about the Mark V SUB-MOA Threat Response Rifle (TRR) Custom offered in .300 Win Mag, .300 Wby, .30-378 Wby, and .338-378 Wby. The TRR comes with a Weatherby guarantee to shoot three-shot groups at a minimum a 0.99 of an inch or less when using premium factory ammunition. Weatherby has chosen to go a different path with the TRR by balancing accuracy, weight, and enhanced cartridge capability compared to the heavyweight .308 offerings or larger tactical rifles. The TRR handles as if you could carry it for lengthy amounts of time and still be able to take a non-prone shot if the mission dictates.
There are different shooting disciplines—target, sport, hunting, tactical, etc. Each discipline dictates its own performance parameters. Each parameter generates different priorities on design. Many of the same desirable characteristics for a tactical rifle crossover into multiple disciplines—cold bore zero, repeatable accuracy, effective range, reliability, and handling. Tactically, when not only the shooters life is at stake, but also others such as teammates or innocent hostages, there can be no compromise in terms of consistent accuracy from 100 yards to 1,000 yards. The high-pressure tactical environment is a demanding proving ground from which other shooting disciplines can benefit.

D.D. Ross designed tactical-style bolt handle provides additional length and weight to improve grasp and handling.

Gun Details
A rail is embedded under the length of the forearm allowing for multiple studs for mounting bipod, sling, or other accessories. Nice attention to detail on a tactical rifle.

I evaluated a TRR chambered in .300 Win Mag equipped with a Weatherby Accubrake installed on the end of a 26-inch Krieger barrel. The TRR features a hinged floorplate with 3+1 capacity. The stock was a Desert camouflage pattern, with various stocks also available. The TRR follows the proven accuracy equation of other Weatherby rifles—Mark V action, Krieger barrel, tuned trigger, and Bell & Carlson composite stock. The Bell & Carlson stock on the TRR is significantly modified to excel in the tactical realm with multiple adjustments allowing a law enforcement marksman to custom fit it to individual needs. The Weatherby Custom Shop offers optional features such as a D.D. Ross-designed bolt handle, extended drop box magazine with an extra round capacity, and a more aggressively designed muzzle brake. A Mark V SUB-MOA TRR package includes a Leupold Mark 4 4.5-14x50mm scope, Talley Mil-spec rings/bases, Harris Model L bipod and aluminum rifle case.

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The deep barrel channel ensures clearance between stock and barrel allowing for easy cleaning,…