Based on Weatherby’s tried and true Vanguard bolt action, the Sub-MOA TR .308 both guarantees and delivers sub-inch groups right out of the box. It is shown fitted out with a Bushnell Elite 6500 riflescope and a Harris bipod.

MOA originates from the 360 degrees within a circle. Each degree in a circle (on a compass) has 60 minutes. Therefore, one MOA is 1/60th of a degree. Without diving into all the mathematic calculations, 1 MOA factors out to be 1.047 inches at a distance of 100 yards. Round the number to an even inch and you have 1-inch at 100 yards as MOA. For practical purposes, MOA is simply a standard by which to measure a rifle’s performance. Naturally you need to consider ammunition, as not every load will perform the same in each rifle.

When a company guarantees you an “MOA” rifle, they are essentially telling you that when their rifle is benched properly and fed premium/match-grade ammunition, it will fire a 1-inch group consistently at 100 yards. Of course that is the rifle’s performance — the shooter’s ability is a separate factor entirely.

weatherby-sub-moa-tactical-rifle-308-bThe Bushnell Elite 6500 scope has ¼-MOA windage and elevation turrets and a side focus knob.

In early 2010 Weatherby announced a new addition to its rifle line, the Sub-MOA TR (Tactical Rifle) chambered in .308. This rifle also has a little brother chambered in .223. Per its name, the Sub-MOA TR comes with a promise that the rifle will hold a 100-yard 3-shot group below 0.99 of an inch with premium factory ammunition. Getting down to the nuts and bolts of the rifle, the sub-MOA is a bolt-action rifle that will store five rounds of .308 in the hinged floorplate magazine.

Weatherby’s tried and true Vanguard action is the heart of the rifle. The bolt is a dual lug design. At the left rear of the bolt is the release button and on the right rear is a two stage manual safety — forward to fire, back for safe. When the safety is engaged, the bolt is locked in place. The TR’s trigger is precision tuned in the factory but it is adjustable.

If the action is the heart, the barrel is the soul of a good rifle. Weatherby chose a 22-inch barrel with a #3 contour. Right-hand rifling is a 1-in-10-inch twist. Out at the muzzle, a recessed target crown completes the package and the metal finish on this rifle is blued steel.

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Based on Weatherby’s tried and true Vanguard bolt action, the Sub-MOA TR .308 both…