Last year, Weatherby announced its “Wby-X” rifles and shotguns, fashioned to serve a younger market. While the Vanguard Series 2 rifles of this stable have the heart of those in more conservative dress, they wear slightly shorter stocks with bold graphics. The new Series 2 Kryptek, Blaze and Typhon rifles differ only in stock cosmetics. Chambered in .223, .243, .270, .308 and .30-06, these three are all fitted with two-stage triggers adjustable to 2.5 pounds. Receivers—like the 24-inch, sporter-weight, hammer-forged barrels—are blued. These rifles weigh 7.25 pounds. A Wby-X Vanguard Series 2 Typhon TR (Threat Response) rifle boasts a stiff 22-inch barrel in .223 and .308 only. For more information, visit

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