When I was a civilian, I used to think court was a place of truth and justice for all mankind. At the time, I didn’t realize how severely human beings could mess that up. Case in point: I was traveling down the road in a marked patrol unit when I saw an older white pickup run a red light. I threw on my reds and pulled the pickup over. It turned left into a motel parking lot and stopped right in the middle of the parking lot. The driver turned out to be a sloppy drunk and he could barely maintain his balance as he poured himself out of his pickup. There was no point to a field sobriety test, so I got his license and hooked him up. I didn’t find out until later he had a room there.

Now what to do with the pickup? I didn’t feel like waiting for a tow truck, but there were no open spaces in the parking lot. The lights had drained the battery, so my partner and I ended up pushing it out on the street and parking it there. At the jail, the drunk blew a .26% BAC and I filed the case thinking all was well.

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When I was a civilian, I used to think court was a place of…