Because of the Fusion AMP Rail system, operators no longer need to waste time by changing all the batteries in their accessories.

Best known for their military-grade night vision accessories and weapon optics mounts, Wilcox Industries Corporation is ready to release a new concept in weapons forend accessory rail systems. The Wilcox Fusion AMP Rail for the M4-type carbine provides a unique electrical power management system to control a line of Fusion accessories that do not feature their own battery compartments.

Add-On Power
The Wilcox Fusion Vertical Grip Module is one of those accessories, and it features a 3-volt system that houses a quick-change power cassette. The grip can be moved to any point along the six o’clock rail for operational comfort, thus moving the weapon’s center of gravity for better handling. One quick change of the battery recharges the power to all of the attached accessories.

The Fusion AMP Rail offers multiple attachment points. The small brass “dots” are the power transfer points on the rail.

A quick-change grip power cassette houses a CR-123A battery within the vertical grip. This design realizes a smaller, low-profile accessory that is less prone to snagging when handling the weapon. Instead of an operator having to change out and replace individual batteries for each device, this system allows you to just change the one power cassette in the grip. Medium or long grip extensions will be available for operators who prefer a larger gripping surface. The standard operating procedure of replacing all batteries before going out on patrol is eliminated, saving unutilized batteries. The electrical conduit features a robust design to work in the rigors of combat and adverse conditions.

The vertical foregrip houses the CR123 batteries that supply power to the integrated light and laser.

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Because of the Fusion AMP Rail system, operators no longer need to waste time…