Every year thousands of families sacrifice to keep us safe. (free?)

Recent wars have taken a tremendous toll on the U.S. Special Forces and their families. As a result, they are in need of our help.

• Today there are 1.2 million US active duty military children
• More than 40,000 of these children have a wounded parent
• More than 5,000 of them have lost a parent

The purpose of The Boston Warrior Benefit is to raise money for five foundations that exist to support the families of our wounded and fallen warriors. Our objective is to generate much needed awareness and support for these organizations.

Contributions will directly assist these organizations in their efforts to support the well-being of those families that have given so much for our freedom.

Now is the time to “Give Back”


Event Details

This benefit is unique in that it coincides with the bicentennial commemoration of a decisive point in our nation’s history – The War of 1812. We honor our heritage and the sacrifices of our forefathers and now our modern day warriors who continue to safeguard our freedom and way of life that is revered by all Americans.

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Honorees and Award Recipients:
• 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award Admiral Olsen
• Vanguard Recipient Rep Duncan Hunter
• Vanguard Recipient Senator Warner
• Exceptional Family Award Recipient Gen. Charles Yeager Family

In July of 2012 Boston will serve as one of the locations commemorating the Bicentennial Celebration of the War of 1812. In addition to the annual Esplanade 4th of July firework display, Boston will be hosting numerous events in commemoration. The International Tall Ships and The U.S. Navy Fleet are among a few of the participants who will join in the celebration. Combining the Boston Warrior Benefit conjunction with the other exciting celebrations in Boston will surely make this a week to remember!

Boston Warrior Benefit 2012
July 3, 2012
Boston World Trade Center

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Every year thousands of families sacrifice to keep us safe. (free?) Recent wars have…