Wilderness Tactical Products’ introduction of the Sonoran Shirt has been well received by sportsmen and outdoorsmen everywhere for offering the ultimate in functionality and design. Initially conceived to provide consumers with a viable alternative to other garments with bulky pockets and “tells,” the Sonoran Shirt takes a more practical approach to weapon concealment by offering users several unique design features embedded within the shirt.
The Sonoran Shirt accommodates those consumers who wish to wear a concealed holster around their waist by intentionally crafting the garment approximately 1” wider around the waist and allowing it to drape an additional ½” as to allow for easy concealment and access to weapons. Pleats have been intentionally integrated into the back which allows the wearer of the Sonoran Shirt to easily and more fully extend their arms when aiming their weapon.
For those seeking additional practical uses; the Sonoran Shirt delivers. Made of 100% cool cotton, the Sonoran Shirt features double stitching throughout, reinforced button holes, two spare buttons and two uniquely functional, full sized chest pockets. Each chest pocket contains a sewn in divider allowing for three compartments which are designed to carry a cell phone, pen and a tactical flash light.
It’s important to note that the Sonoran Shirt was specifically designed to offer no additional distinguishing features or “tells” that are often found in like garments. Currently available in thirteen fabric patterns, Wilderness Tactical is also careful to offer the shirt in limited pattern runs as to minimize the likelihood of concealment identification. Wilderness Tactical.

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Wilderness Tactical Products’ introduction of the Sonoran Shirt has been well received by sportsmen…