Phoenix, AZ — Phoenix-based manufacturer and online retailer, Wilderness Tactical Products, LLC has announced a recent addition to their growing product line of tactical belts, instructor belts, rifle slings, handgun holsters and broad offering of tactical equipment with the introduction of their new Stretchable Ammo & Accessory Carriers.

Designed to quickly and conveniently carry rounds of revolver ammunition, shotgun shells and batteries, the new Stretchable Ammo & Accessory Carriers are currently available in three functional models.

The Stretchable Ammo Holder features flexible, heavy duty elastic webbing with a loop at one end to fit a small, non-weight bearing carabiner. The carabiner feature allows for easy clipping to belts, D-rings, backpacks or any place that can accommodate a clip. The Stretchable Ammo Holder is designed to easily carry six rounds of revolver ammo in either .38/.357 or .44/.45 caliber sizes.

Made to the same quality specifications, the Stretchable Shotgun Shell Holder provides a solution to the low ammunition carrying capacity found in a typical shotgun. Made to carry a total of four 12 gauge shotgun shells, the Stretchable Shotgun Shell Holder features the unique ability to push-load shells through the carrier and into the chambers of single or double-barreled shotguns.

Rounding out Wilderness Tactical Products’ latest product offering is the Stretchable Battery Holder. Keeping the typical outdoorsman in mind that often uses weapon lights and handheld lights, The Stretchable Battery Holder accommodates six 123A lithium batteries or six AA batteries in a row; providing a smart and convenient solution to battery portability.

Wilderness Tactical feels their newly designed products will fill a void left by other manufacturers. “At Wilderness we’re constantly striving to stay ahead of standard technologies and put out high quality products which provide our customers superior functionality at a great price,” explains Ralph Holzhaus, President and founder of Wilderness Tactical Products, LLC.

With every branded product proudly manufactured in the USA, Wilderness Tactical Products’ complete line of tactical equipment can be viewed and purchased online at

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Phoenix, AZ — Phoenix-based manufacturer and online retailer, Wilderness Tactical Products, LLC has announced a recent…