Wiley X® Eyewear has been soaring to success with a wide range of enthusiasts, from motorcyclists and shooters to top law enforcement and military personnel, for the last quarter century. Now this industry leader has brought a new operative to infiltrate the market with truly superior attributes — the all-new Wiley X Black Ops Collection Airborne™.

This ultra-hip, low profile addition to Wiley X’s slick new Black Ops Collection is turning heads and taking names — with its stylized lines, 20% light transmission smoke grey ANSI Z87 certified lenses and matte black frames. Like all of Wiley X’s battlefield proven eyewear, you shouldn’t let its good looks fool you — these are not toys or glasses for wannabes. Wiley X’s new Black Ops Collection Airborne features the company’s signature High Velocity Protection™ (HVP™), including shatterproof Selenite™ polycarbonate lenses, along with cutting-edge features like the wide temple design for even more peripheral protection.

Plus, this highly technical vision system is part of Wiley X’s famed Climate Control™ series, and includes an innovative, removable foam Facial Cavity™ seal that fits any facial structure like a glove. The patented design provides Top Down™ Ventilation, creating a sealed protected cocoon around the eyes that keeps out dust and debris, and allows air to flow from top to bottom — keeping your lenses clear and you ready for action.

The entire new-for-2010 Wiley X Black Ops Collection was developed for the unique needs of upper echelon military and law enforcement personnel and dedicated shooters, and the Wiley X Black Ops Airborne is setting the bar way up there. It’s prescription ready and with its specially contoured, rugged, yet lightweight frame, you can wear a pair comfortably all day long. It comes complete with an Elastic Temple Strap, perfect for operations on the move, Leash Cord, Cleaning Cloth and Soft Case.

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Wiley X® Eyewear has been soaring to success with a wide range of enthusiasts,…