Wiley X has introduced two new flame- and cut-resistant combat gloves, both of which are constructed using a unique blend of materials that delivers the ultimate in ultra-protective, highly durable, precision-touch gloves for tactical and combat operations.  The new Wiley X Orion glove and Wiley X Aries glove offer heavy duty protection, with a lightweight Nomex/Kevlar weave throughout the fingers and the back of the hand provide extra flame resistance and protection from cuts, while sheepskin allows for increased dexterity, durability and protection.  Leather-reinforced in high-wear areas, these reliable gloves will keep Warfighters protected in a variety of tactical applications and will outlast “flyer’s gloves” four to six times.

The gloves are identical, except that for even greater tactile ease and dexterity in the cockpit, the new Wiley X Aries Glove has the thumb, index finder and middle finger tips removed to expose the fingers.  With an adjustable cuff for a comfortable custom fit, both gloves are available in sizes including Small, Medium, Large, X-Large and XX-Large, ensuring proper fit across a wide range of hand sizes.  Plus, these unique gloves are custom-designed to match U.S. military uniforms and are available in Coyote Brown (Model G301) or Foliage Green (Model G302).  The systems include a sturdy clip strap for ease of storage and transportation and are readily available through the General Services Administration (GSA).

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Wiley X has introduced two new flame- and cut-resistant combat gloves, both of which…