Wiley X Eyewear’s newest lines of ultra-high performance tactical glasses and goggles are trusted by armed forces across the planet. This trust comes from decades of proven excellence and a slew of well engineered features derived from feedback from the same men and women who use them in the heat of battle. And now this cutting edge protective eyewear offers new heights of versatility and clarity with its Wiley X Multi Platform Rx Inserts™ — unique prescription inserts that snap seamlessly into select Wiley X Changeable™and goggle models.


The new technology is part of the company’s ISO: 9001-2008 certified commitment to ongoing enhancement and upgrading to its design and manufacturing processes. The innovative Wiley X Multi Platform Rx Inserts allow usage as a unit across multiple models — and can be pushed in and pulled out in seconds — to meet a wide range of complex tactical applications. The new system is available with two of Wiley X’s most popular tactical goggle lines: the Wiley X Patriot™, Wiley X Spear™ as well as the Wiley X Talon™ from Wiley X’s versatile Changeable series. All three are crafted with the company’s shatterproof Selenite™ Polycarbonate lenses, the most impact resistant lens material in the world, capable of deflecting against everything from a direct bullet and shrapnel to flying casings and rocks. These revolutionary lenses far exceed both ANSI Z87.1 safety and ANSI Z80.3 optical standards, and include a special scratch resistant hardcoat layer to extend the life of the lens, and in some cases reported to Wiley X, the life and/or vision of the wearer.


And now, all this protection has special industry-leading Rx inserts that will allow crossover prescription capabilities, so wearers can make the switch in gear without worrying about loss of visual acuity and other issues that can come with other brands. War fighters can seamlessly change the Rx insert from goggles like the Wiley X Patriot, a heavy-duty system with a special removable, washable facial cavity seal to the Wiley X Spear, a unique multi-function selection with a sleek profiled NVG compatible design. The same insert is also designed for the low profile Wiley X Talon™ shield from the acclaimed Changeable Series, so users are covered in a wide range of the company’s most popular designs.

Now precision vision is insured for prescription eyewear users — they’ll literally have to see it to believe it. Since Wiley X is a veteran owned and operated team, it’s proud to put its years of experience to work to protect the vision of the most intrepid folks on earth and continue to refine and improve even its top designs to meet the needs in the field.

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Wiley X Eyewear’s newest lines of ultra-high performance tactical glasses and goggles are trusted…