From the custom leather shop of Sam Andrews comes a Wilson exclusive design for your 5” 1911 pistol-the full sharkskin “Hybrid Saddle”.

Florida leather master Sam Andrews got his start as a saddlemaker and applies his decades of leathercraft experience in every holster he still hand makes-one at a time.


The Hybrid Saddle is contoured to fit a wearer’s hip-just like a real saddle is contoured to rest on a horse’s withers. The Wilson Combat Hybrid Saddle is specially lo-cut for a lightning fast draw and effortless reholstering.


The genuine Tiger Shark skin outer laminate will look like new for years to come and steel reinforcements will ensure that the mouth and body shield will stay firm for as long you own the holster. A tension screw is added so you can adjust the perfect tension for range or for carry. This holster has muzzle rear rake so it can be comfortably worn concealed by all body types and detailed molding ensures a nice, even fit.


The new Wilson Combat Special-SAP (Snap Attachment Pancake) from the peerless John Ralston’s 5 Shot Leather is a rugged everyday carry holster designed to handle the weight of an all-steel, full-size 1911 that conveniently mounts on and off your belt without having to unbuckle.

The SAP is impeccably handcrafted by John of high grade Sienna brown cowhide with black sharkskin accented one-way snaps. The Wilson Combat Special-SAP has a slight rear rake to enhance draw and re-holstering and features detailed hand molding and boning for ideal weapon retention. An integral sweat guard protects your pistol from corrosive moisture while your clothing is spared of gun oil and fouling. Even though the SAP holster is easy on and off, the double-reinforced pancake profile ensures a stable, secure place for your every day carry pistol.

This small run is limited to 20 right hand holsters and 5 left hand (click for left hand model). The two-tone Sienna brown body and black sharkskin loops make a sharp contrast and match well with brown or black leather gear and attire.

Learn more about these new products at Wilson Combat.

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