Wilson Combat’s Recon 6.8 SPC rifle, outfitted with a Trijicon 1-4x AccuPoint scope, Accu-Rizer mount, Tactical Trigger Unit and a Magpul MOE pistol grip, is the sum of exacting machine work, expert assembly and flawless finishing. The Recon’s light weight and the 6.8 SPC’s increased power make it a natural for tactical use.

Wilson Combat has just introduced their new Recon 6.8 SPC rifle. It’s an AR-style rifle built from the very best materials available and chambered for a cartridge well suited for law enforcement and military work. It isn’t very often that I am impressed by a new AR-style gun but the Wilson Combat Recon is a rare exception.

Cartridge Details
The relatively new cartridge is the result of collaboration between the Army’s Marksmanship Unit, Special Operations and Remington Arms that started in 2002. Reports from the field that the M855 62-grain steel core bullet fired from the short M4 barrel produced less than satisfactory results inspired the development of the new 6.8 SPC.

The Recon’s new single-stage Tactical Trigger Unit is extraordinarily crisp, feeling much lighter than its 4.25-pound trigger pull.

Design engineers started with a .30 Rem case, relocated its shoulder and shortened it. Using a .277-inch diameter bullet, the same diameter used in the popular .270 Win deer cartridge, engineers decided to keep things simple and seat the 115-grain bullet so that the cartridge’s overall length is the same as that of a 5.56mm round. With a ballistic coefficient of .350, the projectile has extended accuracy and lethality and its trajectory is close to that of a .308 out to about 600 yards.

The premium mil-spec bolt carrier is plated with Robar’s NP3 nickel/Teflon finish for corrosion-resistance and lubricity.

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Wilson Combat’s Recon 6.8 SPC rifle, outfitted with a Trijicon 1-4x AccuPoint scope, Accu-Rizer…