Wilson Combat X-TAC Lightrail

Wilson Combat’s X-TAC pistol just got a whole lot better, if that’s even possible.

The company has combined its legendary attention to detail with its X-TAC enhanced grip texture and new accessory rail, which adds up to a unique custom pistol offering that is a top choice of working operators everywhere: The X-TAC Lightrail.

The bi-directional, X-TAC frontstrap and slide treatment offer enhanced grip and improved durability over traditional checkering in severe and hard-use environments.

Scientifically designed to work with dry or wet hands, with or without tactical gloves, the X-TAC pattern redefines secure shooting comfort and gun handling without the coarse painful nature of other grip treatments. In tandem with Wilson Combat’s G-10 Starburst grips, the X-TAC tread pattern locks securely into the firing hand and will reduce muzzle flip without snagging on clothes or cover garments.

The X-TAC Lightrail is available now in both full-size and compact models. The MSRP ranges from $2,985 to $3,345, depending on the model.

For more information on the X-TAC Lightrail and other products from Wilson Combat, please visit ShopWilsonCombat.com.

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