Wilson Combat AHM 2015 Regulators lead
Bill Wilson (above) learned what 1911s needed to win in matches, then began customizing competitors’ pistols before starting Wilson Combat and offering high-quality 1911s like the CQB (shown), which is available in .45 ACP, 9mm, .40, 10mm and .38 Super.


Bill Wilson started out in competition shooting in the 1970s. At the time, the closest such events available were Police Pistol Combat, or PPC, matches, so Wilson tried his hand at that game and found that to win you needed enhanced shooting equipment. So began his career customizing guns supplied to him by customers and making custom parts for those guns.

Later, Wilson brought out his own line of firearms, which today include 1911 pistols, a new Beretta 92/96 line, Wilson Combat AR rifles and carbines, along with shotguns under the aegis of Scattergun Technologies.

Recently, I was at Bill Wilson’s 8,700-acre Circle WC Ranch in East Texas pursuing wild hogs with a couple of other writers. When we weren’t hunting, socializing or eating, we were at Wilson’s range shooting his guns and endangering his ammunition supply.

I did quite a lot of IDPA-style shooting with several of the company’s impressive 1911 models, and as there are five categories of 1911 pistols and 36 variations, let’s take a look at some representative examples of each category.

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