These newly designed knives featured in the new CUSTOM ALLIANCE will be few in number, and will quickly become a valued centerpiece of your collection. These offerings will typify the WILSON standards of extraordinary quality, classic design and unmatched value.

There is no doubt that in the world of handmade knives there was no bigger influencer than Robert W. Loveless. Loveless was the pioneer of handmade high-performance knives from modern materials that looked as good as they worked. His legendary designs like the drop point hunter, sub-hilt fighter, chute knife and his embrace of high-performance steel and handle materials were the genesis of the current industry of handmade custom cutlery across the world.

Loveless was an American institution who freely trained a multitude of young makers in his signature rakish styling and build techniques up until his death in 2010. We wanted to offer a handmade knife of the highest quality that honored Loveless’s life and selected one of his most recognizable designs, the Wilderness Fighter, along with a maker with first-hand knowledge of how the Loveless shop crafted their legendary blades right down to the thread used in the leather sheath.


The maker selected for this alliance, Marcus Lin of Los Angeles, CA has been making custom knives since 2004 and has studied with Loveless and his partner Jim Merritt in his quest to build true-to-form Loveless design hunting and fighting knives. Lin is considered one of the top makers of authentically constructed Loveless design knives in the world and we believe this is as close as you can get to an actual Loveless knife for a fraction of the aftermarket price.

From the flawless double hollow grinding to the bright mirror polished ATS-34 blade this functional tactical and survival knife screams “Loveless”.


The balance is impeccable and the polished and contoured dark ancient ironwood handle melts into your hand like the handshake of an old friend. A solid stainless guard and pins finish off this classic fighter pattern.

A custom leather sheath of the highest quality is painstakingly stitched, oiled and form fitted to each knife by the maker. This rare item is limited to 10 pieces.,

Blade Steel – ATS-34
Blade Length – 6”
Blade Thickness – .250”
Handle Material – Desert Ironwood
Handle Length – 5”
Overall Length – 11”
Hardware – Stainless
Weight – 12.2 oz.
Price: $995.00

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These newly designed knives featured in the new CUSTOM ALLIANCE will be few in number,…