Winchester Model 1885 Rimfire

John Browning came to Winchester’s attention in the early 1880s. In a small Utah shop, the young prodigy and his brothers built a single-shot rifle on John’s dropping-block action. The Model 1885 became the first of many Browning-designed Winchesters. This year it returns in “Low Wall” rimfire form. Available in .22 LR, .22 WMR, .17 HMR and .17 Winchester Super Magnum, it has a button-rifled, 24-inch barrel and a checkered pistol-grip stock. The sliding vertical lugs in this and beefy “High Wall” 1885s saw service in Browning’s most famous lever rifles, the Winchester Models 1886 and 1892. With the 1874 Sharps and Remington’s Rolling Block, the 1885 Winchester ranks among the most celebrated single-shots of post-Civil War times. The .22 LR, hugely popular today, is of the same era—it dates back to 1887! For more information, visit

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