The PDX1® Defender™ line continues to lead the industry in ammunition for personal defense. Winchester® expands its most innovative line to include new cartridges in the following categories:

-357 Sig, 357 Mag (centerfire handgun)
-223 Rem (centerfire rifle)
-.410, 3-inch (shotshell)
-.410/45 Combo Pack

Features of PDX1® Defender™ Centerfire Handgun 357 Sig, 357 Mag:

-Proprietary bonding process—Welds lead and jacket together to work as a unit controlling expansion and providing superior retained weight.
-Hollow point—Works with the bonding process for outstanding performance through tough barriers
-Jacket notching—Six segments help promote positive, consistent and programmed expansion at a variety of impact velocities and ranges.
-Copper alloy jacket—Contoured for maximum expansion over a wide range of velocities/ranges.
-Nickel plated shellcase—Helps ensure positive gun function through smooth chambering and shellcase ejection.

Features of PDX1 Defender 223 Centerfire Rifle:
Given the recent popularity of modern sporting rifles (MSR) among shooters and hunters, Winchester has designed a product using Split Core Technology (SCT) for personal defense. The SCT technology, using a quick expansion front lead core and a deep driving bonded rear lead core, creates the ultimate 223 Rem Personal Defense load.

The PDX1® Defender™ 223 bullet weighs 60 grains with a velocity of 2750 feet per second.

Features of the 3 inch PDX1 Defender .410 Shotshell

Highly effective in both .410 compatible handguns and shotguns, the .410 PDX1 ammunition features a distinctive black hull and black oxide high-base head and combines four plated Defense Disc™ projectiles and 16 pellets of plated BB shot. The result is the ideal personal defense load for short range engagement with the performance needed to reduce aim error and stop threats. Designed for use in the Taurus Judge®, PDX1® .410 provides maximum protection at close range.

-.410-gauge 3-inch load
-4 Defense Disc™ projectiles with 16 Plated BBs
-Velocity: 750 feet per second
-10 rd. box

Features of the .410/45 Colt Combo Pack
Winchester introduces an ammunition combo pack for personal defense. The new distinct packaging will include 10 rounds of PDX1Defender 45 Colt ammunition (225 gr.) and 10 rounds of PDX1 Defender .410 2 ½ inch.

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The PDX1® Defender™ line continues to lead the industry in ammunition for personal defense.…