Add yur preferred optics and the SRC is ready for patrol. Shown with a Midwest Industries front sight, Magpul MBUS rear and EOTech EXPS3

For obvious reasons, most departments and agencies would never think about purchasing an AR rifle from a brand new company. When it comes to officer safety and the protection of the community at large, few would take a chance on an unproven manufacturer. But Windham Weaponry, a name not yet familiar to most law enforcement agencies, may change that. While the company is less than a year old, it possesses employees with eons of AR-building experience. Their first offering, the SRC carbine, is an impressive weapon that should stand up to the rigorous needs of those in law enforcement and security/contract work.

The SRC (Sight-Ready Carbine) is a flattop carbine with a 16-inch barrel and chambered in 5.56mm NATO. It is outfitted with M4-style furniture, has a railed gas block and uses a standard direct gas impingement operating system. But to consider this rifle just another standard AR would be a mistake.

Windham Weaponry equips the SRC with standard M4 gear, including a military-style trigger and A2 pistol grip

Richard Dyke had just one goal when he started Windham Weaponry last year. He wanted to build the finest AR available in the United States. Every start-up company has a period where they need to work out the bugs. There’s always a learning curve associated with any new manufacturer. Windham Weaponry didn’t have this problem. They knew where to buy their parts and how to assemble them, and their first production guns had every bit of reliability and accuracy as any other established AR manufacturer.

The Sight-Ready Carbine is appropriately named. Its top Picatinny rail offers plenty of space for attaching optics and sights

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Add yur preferred optics and the SRC is ready for patrol. Shown with a…