Fast-handling, lightweight and coated inside and out with NiB-X to endure harsh extremes, WMD Beast 5.56mm is built to perform right out of the box. Shown with Troy Industries folding Battle Sights.

It seems too often that the best hunting occurs in the worst weather. Rain, mud, snow and sleet not only make the hunting experience more challenging, but they also pose a challenge to your gear and equipment including optics and guns. Many manufacturers, aware of the damage the elements can cause to fine bluing and fancy wood, have created entire product lines dedicated to weather-resistant firearms. In the realm of special coatings, however, NiB-X, WMD’s premier nickel-boron coating, actually delivers what it promises. The Beast, a carbine-length, semi-automatic, direct-gas-impingement-system AR chambered in 5.56x45mm NATO from WMD Guns takes the NiB-X coating process to the max. All the metal parts on The Beast are completely coated in NiB-X for an extremely distinct and unique look and feel.

Hardcore Duty
WMD Guns is an industry leader in the application of NiB-X on firearms and firearm parts and works with several major manufacturers to provide this treatment to key components. NiB-X is often applied to the most hard-used parts that are exposed to the highest levels of carbon fouling. On ARs, several high-end manufacturers will have the bolts and bolt carriers coated in nickel boron because of its inherent corrosion-resistant properties. NiB-X is a compound that is harder than chrome (HRC 70) and has less friction (similar to Teflon) while providing extreme corrosion resistance. It can be left matte finished or polished smooth, and has a distinct slippery feel because of its lubricity. This natural lubricity means that ARs with NiB-X-coated bolts can run dry and are much easier to clean. The carbon fouling can literally just be wiped off. Less friction also means less heat, and nickel boron has its own heat-dissipating properties as well.

The end result of the NiB-X coating is an extremely reliable rifle that can be put to hard use, is not as susceptible to fouling and will continue to operate. The coating has a natural silver-type color, but the top surface can be ceramic coated in any color. WMD uses a proprietary system to apply the coating and leaves The Beast in the natural NiB-X matte finish, which has the look of a light desert tan.

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