The new XD-M Elite is here and it's a 10mm!

I​t’s a well-known fact that 10mm is the best mm, and it looks like Springfield Armory agrees. Today the new XD-M Elite 10mm lands, and it’s packed with features.

The XD-M Elite 10mm is Optics Ready

The first feature on the new XD-M Elite 10mm that you should be aware of is that it’s ready for a mini-red dot sight right out of the box. In fact, Springfield Armory is offering the new 10mm pistol in two SKUs. One is optics ready but no included optic. However, SA’s other model comes complete with a Hex Dragonfly red dot sight. That’s a nice touch for the consumer if they don’t have a red dot sitting around to drop on the gun right away. For shooters that have an optic, the handgun comes with a code to redeem and Springfield will ship you the matching optic mounting plate of your choice.

But Why Make a 10mm XD Anyway?

First off, because they can. 10mm is awesome, and interestingly it’s enjoying a bit of a renesaiance. Either that, or someone at Springfield really likes 10mm. Either way, it doesn’t matter, because the XD-M Elite 10mm will certainly have a market. The 10mm cartridge enjoys a small but extremely dedicated cult of followers. Its aficionados appreciate that if offers magnum level performance in a platform designed for semi-autos, and that it can be downloaded so it’s extremely pleasant to shoot.

check out the new xd-m elite in 10mm

T​he price point on the new 10mm XD-M is pretty attractive as well. With the included Hex Dragonfly optic, the MSRP is right around $800. Minus the optic, you’re looking at about $650. That’s not a bad deal for a gun that comes with two 16 round magazines and decent sights. Plus, the XD-M series have pretty good triggers, and the Elite models also have a magazine well for even faster reloads.

X​D-M Elite 10mm Competitors

Like we said, the 10mm is enjoying another cycle through the sun. Earlier this year, the Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0 10mm came out. Plus, the Glock 10mm lineup is always popular. The XD-M Elite 10mm runs about the same price-point as the M&P 10mm from S&W. Both of those pistols also enjoy superior ergonomics to the Glock pistols, which are hampered by the fact that they’re approximately the same size as the Space Shuttle. In all seriousness though, even with the SF and Gen4 frames, the 10mm Glocks can be quite a handful.

Editor’s Thoughts

Any day there’s a new 10mm is a good day as far as I’m concerned. The new XD-M Elite 10mm ticks all the right boxes too. It fits existing XD holsters, it has good sights, it will have a good trigger, and it’s optics ready. What’s not to like? – Caleb

XD-M Elite 10mm Specifications

  • Capacity: 16+1
  • Red Dot Ready: Yes
  • Iron Sights: Fiber optic front, fixed rear
  • Finish: Black

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