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Kit Up! obtained information late Thursday regarding the true numbers behind what the Army is calling a “game changing” weapon that leaves the enemy “no place to hide.”

Kit Up! ran a story on the next day that reflected the Army’s enthusiasm for what Soldiers are calling “The Punisher” and illustrating how the counter-defilade gun can stop firefights in their tracks.

Kit Up! learned, however, that while the XM-25 is impressive, the weapon had been fired a few more than 50 times in less than 10 engagements and had chalked up only two suspected kills.

After getting the brush off from PEO Soldier Weapons initially, they later set up an interview for us to talk to Col. Tamilio (PEO Soldier Weapons), LtCol. Lehner (XM-25 PM), Maj. Christopher Conley (XM-25 field evaluator) and Sgt. 1st Class Carlos Smith (XM-25 field evaluator) to “tell the American people” whats really going on with the weapon.

So, here’s the straight dope (and this is verified by another source not connected with PEO Soldier — and NOTE: I do know at least one of the units who has used the XM-25 in Afghanistan, but I agreed not to reveal the information for OPSEC reasons).

The XM-25 has fired 55 rounds in nine firefights between Dec. 3 and January 12, when the formal Forward Operational Assessment ended. Officials say the weapon “disrupted” two insurgent attacks against an observation post, destroying one PKM machine gun position in one of those attacks. That is where the ”usually our engagements last for 15-20 minutes. With the XM-25 they’re over in a few minutes” line came from.

Source: Christian Lowe for Kit Up!

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(Image: U.S. Army) Kit Up! obtained information late Thursday regarding the true numbers behind…