Zel Custom Spartan S3 Upper
Zel Custom Spartan S3 Upper

The Zel Custom Spartan S3 Upper is engineered to meet the needs of shooters looking for a budget-friendly upper and the beefiness of a .308 sized upper. Applying a “keep it simple” approach to design and engineering, the Spartan receiver is built from four sub-components that are solidly welded and fastened forming a strong and secure foundation for an affordable and accurate upper.

Select from two styles to fit either the AR-10 or LR-308 style lowers. Lowers are not included, but are available separately.

Available in .50 BMG, .416 Barrett and .338 Lapua. and in your choice of Ultralite (Mossberg) or Duty (Lothar Walther) barrels.

See more at http://www.tactilite.com/default.asp.

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