This pack is tough, versatile and definitely has a few surprises built in. On the front of the pack there is a loop panel for patches and nametags. Above it there is a zippered compartment that is lined with a soft cloth to keep your eyewear or any other scratch-prone items. The front pocket has administrative storage for pens, flashlights and notebooks. It also has a key hook and features a loop panel to attach more pouches. There are also elastic loops that will carry pistol or SMG mags securely.

The middle compartment opens in a clamshell fashion. The back of the compartment is covered in loops to attach pouches and organizers. In the back compartment you can store a 17-inch laptop in a padded sleeve. Loops on the opposite side allow you to apply a holster and mag pouches.


This pack is designed as a low-visibility RECCE pack that can be utilized in a civilian or military environment. The pack features a large main compartment as well as a center zip accessory pocket. Inside the center pocket there are admin and organizational pockets as well as a concealed holster to covertly carry a handgun. It also includes heavy-duty zippers, a grab handle, a sternum strap and a 3L hydration pocket.


This carrier is low profile so it is less likely to get caught on vehicles or your surroundings, and it can accommodate up to a 2-liter bladder, which is included. It also features modular webbing on the front and back for attaching extra pouches and a hook-and-loop-secured top flap. It attaches to any MOLLE/PALS-style gear and comes with four long Malice Clips.


Beyond Clothing and Grey Ghost Gear have teamed up to bring you the Rig Light Jacket. The jacket provides the durability of a soft shell with the lighter weight of a mid-layer jacket. Constructed from Beyond’s proprietary four-way Stretch Woven Fabric, the Rig Light Jacket is sure to become a reliable favorite.


The 6-Mag Bandolier is designed as a quick grab-and-go item for those situations when you need additional mags to supplement your current equipment or for those times when you aren’t able to grab your vest or armor carrier but need additional ammo. It can also be used to organize your magazines for classes and at the range. The Bandolier was designed to carry six 5.56mm NATO magazines, but it can also carry four 7.62mm NATO magazines.


This plate carrier was designed based on the mentality of “lighter is better.” It has a minimum of frills but a ton of function. Designed to carry 10-by-12-inch hard plates or a large ESAPI plate, there are six rows of MOLLE/PALS-style webbing with built-in matching loop material on the top three rows for the option of attaching patches or ID panels. The front of the carrier also features a discreet stash pocket for storing a variety of small items that might be needed in a hurry, such as maps, medevac cards or even a knife. Made for one size to fit most body types, the shoulder straps are adjustable, and integrated elastic side straps keep a snug fit while still allowing for unexpected dynamic motion.


This pack is built especially to meet special operations weight requirements. It features a large main compartment as well as a side-entry front pocket lined with loop material, modular webbing for attaching additional pouches and padded shoulder straps that stow away when not in use. Designed to attach directly to modular vests or larger packs, it includes attachment hardware like heavy-duty zippers, a sternum strap, a grab handle, loop material for patches and a 3L hydration pocket, while being 30-percent lighter than other comparable packs.


This pack is the most efficient and compact way to carry your water bladder and field kit. It’s designed to be large enough to carry your kit for daily missions while still maintaining a slim profile. It has a large main compartment with heavy-duty dual pull zippers and a hydration pocket that accepts 2- or 3-liter bladders (a 2-liter bladder is included). A concealed top port for routing the bladder tube is built in, and the pack has an internal pocket lined with loops to attach hook-and-loop pouches.


This is not just another rigger’s belt. It features a genuine Austrialpin Cobra buckle and channels sewn into the body for attaching standard modular pouches. The 1.75-inch-wide belt is constructed from two layers of heavy-duty mil-spec webbing and will fit through military-issue BDUs and most standard belt loops.


This pouch is designed to take up only two modular webbing channels on your vest or other MOLLE-compatible platform. As its name states, it has a slim profile and is specifically designed to carry your most important trauma supplies. Dual zippers running the full length of the pouch, combined with a large pull-tab, allow quick access to the contents inside the pouch. On the inside is plenty of room for essential trauma items as well as a flat pocket and elastic bands to secure various items. A bungee retainer system on the front of the pouch can secure a tourniquet, and two rows of modular webbing on either side can hold a pair of trauma shears or other items.

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