Your rifle should fit your physique and your needs—not the other way around. With all of the aftermarket AR stocks available, you can make sure your rifle always fits, feels comfortable and can easily adapt to the gear you are wearing and the mission at hand. Need a collapsible stock for getting in and out of vehicles quickly? We’ve got you covered. Need a stock that offers more comfort and consistency for long-range work? You’ve come to the right place. These stocks are worth a look. They’re ready to do your bidding right now.

For more information about the AR stocks featured in the gallery above, go to the following sites.


Axelson Tactical Carbon Fiber

Command Arms CBSCP

Ergo MSR


Luth-AR MBA-3

Magpul UBR GEN2

Strike Industries Viper MOD-1

Trinity Force Alpha

Troy Tomahawk

UTG Pro Ops Ready S4

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