While the Cold War may have seemingly come to an end, the competition between the West’s AR and the East’s AK is still running hot. But, what if you want a ComBloc-style AK yet prefer modern American-style enhancements? Or, how about if you simply want a nice domestic upgrade to your foreign AK’s stock set?

Fear not. The Russian-born AK has firmly planted its flag here on our shores, and many American accessory makers have taken to updating and enhancing the design with a vengeance. Read on to see some of the most interesting American upgrades for this classic ComBloc weapon.


Archangel Manufacturing produces a polymer OPFOR stock system that will fit most any AK variant. This stock system includes ergonomic upper and lower handguards with an internal heat shield and optional Picatinny rails for the upper guard. It also includes a redesigned pistol grip with internal storage space and aggressive texturing for a better hold, and an AR-style collapsible buttstock with ambidextrous quick-detach (QD) sling attachment points and a six-position cheekriser. For more information, visit or call 800-438-2547.

Advanced Technology International

Advanced Technology International (ATI) manufactures a wide variety of different stock sets for AK-pattern rifles, but its AK-47 TactLite Elite Package featuring the Scorpion Recoil System offers an all-in-one option. The stock set is designed to fit stamped-receiver AK variants and features an aluminum stock housing for extra strength and durability. The polymer, six-position stock allows for a more comfortable length of pull, and it sports QD sling attachment points as well as an adjustable cheekrest. The ergonomic pistol grip fills the hand and offers a secure hold, and the handguards have removable rails. For more information, visit or call 800-925-2522.

Boyds’ Gun Stocks

Boyds’ Gun Stocks makes very nice wooden and laminated stocks for all types of sporting and military rifles in a wide array of standard and custom colors. The company also has an extremely attractive wooden stock set for the AK series of rifles. Patterned on a stamped-receiver WASR 10 Romanian AK, the stock may require some additional fitting for some variants. These laminated stocks are available in brown nutmeg, green camouflage and gray/black pepper patterns as well as a variety of special order custom colors. The stock provides a 13.25-inch length of pull with the included rubber recoil pad. The stock, pistol grip and handguards all feature a very smooth finish. For more information, visit or call 605-996-5011.

Century Arms

Century Arms has developed the SB47 Stabilizing Brace to easily fit any AK pistol. The brace extends out from the receiver and features twin contoured rubber panels that wrap around the shooting arm and are secured with Velcro straps. Instead of holding the AK pistol with just your hand, the arm brace provides a much more secure, supported and balanced grip. Designed initially to assist disabled shooters who may have limited or no use of their support hand, the SB47 Stabilizing Brace benefits all shooters. You can operate the pistol, change magazines and fire while keeping your hand on the pistol grip the entire time, and it will also help improve your accuracy as well.

Century Arms produces a lot of AK variants that are either completely American made or retrofitted to be 922r compliant with the right number of U.S.-made parts. This often includes installing an American hardwood stock, and Century Arms has a new stock designed to match the look and feel of an original military Eastern Bloc AK’s. The Warsaw-Style Buttstock matches both the length and profile of Soviet- built AKs and includes a true-to-the-original steel buttplate and sling swivel. For more information, visit or call 800-527-1252.

Command Arms Accessories

For those looking to upgrade their AK-pattern rifle, Command Arms Accessories (CAA) has some interesting options. The CBSACP (which stands for “collapsible stock and adjustable cheekpiece”) six-position stock features ambidextrous side compartments for waterproof battery storage, side Picatinny rails, a rubber buttpad and two quick-release sling mounting points. The company’s SKBS skeletonized buttstock is a lightweight and fast-shouldering collapsible stock that weighs only 10.88 ounces. A thumb-activated locking tab locks the buttstock in place once a desired length of pull is selected. For more information, call 866 611-9576 or visit


Ergo makes some great polymer accessories for ARs and AKs, and the company has two styles of AK grips. As its name implies, these are very ergonomic and shaped to the human hand. The Ergo Rigid AK grip is made from a plastic polymer that is hard but, because of the contour, very comfortable, and the texturing helps to keep the grip in the hand even in inclement conditions. The Ergo AK Classic features a soft rubber overmolding on top of the rigid polymer core. This model also features an internal storage compartment with a plug to keep small parts or spare batteries for optics. For more information, visit or call 877-281-3783.

FAB Defense

FAB Defense is an Israeli company that manufactures weapon accessories including stock sets for nearly every AK variant out there. The RBT-K47 FK stock is a basic fiberglass-reinforced polymer buttstock that fits stamped-receiver AKs. (The company also has stock sets for milled-receiver guns.) It features a lightweight stock design with eight length-of-pull positions. The rubber buttpad locks solidly into a shooter’s shoulder pocket and is hinged to provide access to an internal storage space. There are three standard sling attachment points and two QD sling swivel points as well for maximum versatility.

FAB Defense also produces the AK-47 Quad-Rail Handguard with removable side rails. This handguard is designed with advanced ventilation to provide superior heat dissipation to the barrel. The stock set can also include the AGR-47 rubberized and ergonomic pistol grip. This grip fills the hand much better than the original AK grip and offers a more secure hold with the added benefit of internal storage space. For more, visit or, or call 631-843-0490.

GunTec USA

GunTec USA produces several accessories and add-ons for AKs, including the T6 aluminum quad-rail. This sturdy rail system features a two-piece design and allows for the iron sights to remain visible. It is available with a hardcoat anodized matte finish in either black or Flat Dark Earth. The top rail section extends the full length of the gas tube, offering more rail space than most systems for optics use. The standard Picatinny rail sections have T6 markings to allow the operator to easily return optics or accessories that are removed back to their original positions. For more information, visit or call 480-478-4517.


Hogue offers a line of stock sets for the AK that feature its trademark soft rubber OverMolding and Cobblestone texturing. This makes for an extremely comfortable handguard with an aluminum heat shield that will protect your hand during rapid-fire strings. The handguard features a distinctive swell at the rear and a quad-rail design with removable side and bottom rail sections. The matching ergonomic pistol grip features finger grooves for a better hold and a beavertail design that vastly improves user comfort over standard grips. Stock sets are available in a variety of colors to suit user preferences. For more information, visit or call 800-438-4747.


KushnaPup has taken advantage of the plethora of unconverted, as-is Russian Saiga AKs and developed a simple stock system that makes the sporterized Saiga much more practical. The company’s stock system converts the Saiga AK into a bullpup rifle without any permanent modifications. The polymer stock features sling swivels at the front and rear as well as an extended triggerguard that also acts as a forward vertical hold. It is made to fit Saiga rifles and shotguns in a variety of calibers. For more information, visit or call 877-492-3316.


Magpul is already well known for making great AR furniture and magazines, but now the company is also building extremely ergonomic, attractive and innovative furniture and magazines for the AK. An interesting example is the polymer Zhukov-S Stock, which is designed to fit stamped-receiver AK variants. Its length of pull can be adjusted to five different positions, and it folds to the right side, allowing the rifle to operate without interfering with left-side optics mounts. There are ambidextrous QD sling attachment points as well as a standard sling loop, and adjustable cheek risers are also available for use with optics.

Magpul is also producing a matching polymer Zhukov Handguard that extends far beyond standard handguards and offers the user a more substantial grip while protecting the hand and adding stability with an aluminum chassis and heat shield. It also features Magpul’s M-LOK accessory mounting system for easily installing mission-critical gear. The handguard comes with a polymer top cover that replaces the standard wooden one, but the system is also compatible with the Ultimak gas tube rail for maximum quad-rail versatility and optics mounting capability.

Finally there is the MOE AK+ Grip, which features great texturing for a firm grip without being uncomfortable. Like most Magpul grips, it has an internal storage compartment, and Magpul offers several grip cores for holding different accessories, small parts or batteries. In essence, you can get a grip core to store exactly what you need securely without anything rattling around. The MOE AK+ Grip will fit all types of AK rifles, although it may require some fitting for certain models. This grip also features wraparound rubber overmolding for greater comfort. For more information, visit or call 877-462-4785.


TAPCO offers complete stock sets and 922r-compliant parts, from buttstocks and handguards to triggers and muzzle devices. The company also produces the rather unique AK SAW Style Pistol Grip. Patterned after the grip found on the military’s M249 SAW (squad automatic weapon), the TAPCO grip offers the same hand-filling comfort. Standard AK grips are very smooth and very thin, but the TAPCO SAW grip offers a wide palm swell and horizontal grooves to keep the rifle in the hand. The composite polymer construction is extremely durable, and thanks to the design, there is a significant amount of internal storage space. For more information, visit or call 800-554-1445.

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