Brownells Extreme Duty Cleaning Kit

With the Extreme Duty Cleaning Kit, Brownells has packed all of the cleaning supplies you need for handguns, rifles and shotguns into a sturdy polymer box with a removable tray. There’s no need to track down solvent, lube or patches, since this kit holds everything in a neat, organized package. The kit also includes rods, brass jags, slotted tips, brushes and mops for all popular rifle and pistol calibers and shotgun gauges. (; 800-741-0015)

KleenBore PocKit Handgun Cleaning Kit

KleenBore makes handgun cleaning a snap with its small, compact PocKit kit. The entire kit stores in the handle of the kit and includes a two-piece rod that cleans pistol barrels up to 8.375 inches long, a mop, a patch jag and a bore brush. Just add your favorite solvent or CLP and patches, and your handgun will be good to go. (; 800-347-1200)

Gunslick Pro AR-15 Pull-Through Kit

The AR-15 Pull-Through Kit comes with all the tools you need to clean your AR. Packed in a small, soft fabric case are brushes, Ultra-Care cleaning solvent, patches, a nylon-coated cable rod and more. The cable rod allows an operator to pull patches and brushes from the chamber out through the muzzle. (; 800-379-1732)

Iosso AR Cleaning Kit

With six precision brushes for specific jobs, the Iosso AR Cleaning Kit ensures your AR-platform rifle is clean and ready for duty. The brushes clean the chamber, bolt carrier, bore and gas tube. The kit includes a nylon-coated cable rod with an aluminum handle. The kit includes patented tools to clean the gas tube without disassembly. (; 847-437-8400)

Hoppe’s 1-2-3 Done! Cleaning Kit

This kit includes everything a shooter needs to clean a pistol, rifle or shotgun in popular calibers/gauges in three simple steps. The kit includes Hoppe’s legendary No. 9 bore-cleaning solvent and No. 9 lubricating oil along with a caliber specific BoreSnake. (; 800-423-3537)

Otis T-Mod Cleaning System

Designed to support a squad of operators and their weapons, the T-Mod system cleans and maintains 5.56mm and 7.62mm rifles plus 9mm and .45 ACP pistols with four caliber-specific Ripcords. The Ripcords offer fast, one-pass cleaning. The kit also includes optic-cleaning brushes and solution, swabs, pipe cleaners, flexible cleaning cables, bore brushes, 100-percent cotton patches, scraper tools and more. All of this cleaning gear comes organized in a soft-sided case. (; 800-684-7486)

M-Pro 7 Tactical 3-Gun Kit

Ever-popular 3-Gun competitions are demanding, with lots of lead sent downrange. So cleaning your guns after a match is mandatory, and the M-Pro 7 Tactical 3-Gun Kit has all the goods to keep your pistols, rifles and shotguns running smoothly. Included in the hard polymer case is a 5.56mm BoreSnake for your rifle, a .40 S&W/9mm BoreSnake for your handgun and a Bore-Snake for a 12-gauge. Brushes, M-Pro 7 cleaner, a foam gun pad and LPX oil are included. (; 800-937-4677)

Tipton Ultra Cleaning Kit

Having all the tools to clean any type of firearm within arm’s reach is important. The Tipton Ultra Cleaning Kit offers four polymer cleaning picks, AR-specific action brushes, nylon and bronze brushes, a 13-piece jag set, a 13-piece brush set and a three-piece cleaning rod and bore guide. Everything is packed in a hard polymer case with foam inserts to hold the tools as well as patches, solvents and oils. (; 573-445-9200)

Pro-Shot 3-Gun Coyote Pouch

Made specifically for 3-Gun competitors, this kit includes everything you need to clean a .223/5.56mm rifle, 9mm to .45 ACP pistols and 12-gauge shotguns. Jags, patch holders, a pull-through cable and Pro-Gold grease, lubricant and protectant all come packed in a small soft-sided case. For those who shoot buckets of ammo, this is the kit to keep those guns clean. (; 217-824-9133)

FrogLube FrogTube

The FrogTube is a small tube that contains all the eco-friendly solvent and lube FrogLube is know for to clean and maintain any weapon. Packaged in a clear, compact tube, the kit includes solvent, CLP paste, a CLP squeeze tube, a brush and a cleaning towel. When space is at a premium like in a bug-out bag, this kit stows easily and carries light, plus it won’t contaminate the environment. (; 855-376-4582)

Tetra Gun Pistol Maintenance Kit

The Tetra Gun Pistol Maintenance Kit features Tetra’s eco-friendly Gun Cleaner Degreaser that removes fouling as well as pre-existing lubricant and solvent residues. Tetra gun grease and lubricant, taper-tipped cotton swabs, a double-ended nylon scrub brush, a nylon 9mm bore brush and cotton patches are also included. (

Dewey Complete AR-15 Cleaning Kit

Dewey rods are the gold standard when it comes to one-piece rods, and this kit packs the renowned nylon-coated rod in a kit designed specifically for the AR platform. Along with a 36-inch rod is a rod guide to ensure the rod travels straight through the bore, a lug recess cleaning tool, cotton patches, a small brush and other accoutrements needs to keep your AR running smoothly. (; 203)-264-3064)

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