Recent and unfortunate events have shown how police contacts can suddenly change from a normal conversational contact to a life-and-death struggle. These events have also served as a reminder of how important wearing a quality security holster can be.

While any security holster can be defeated by an assailant given enough time, a proper security holster will, at a minimum, allow the officer to realize that an attempt is being made to take their handgun, and allow them time to enact the appropriate countermeasures. Having retained control of my duty handgun during two such situations while I worked as a full-time law enforcement officer reinforced the value of using security holsters.

Security holsters are categorized by different levels of retention: I, II, III and IV. Originally, the retention number meant the number of motions that needed to be taken before the handgun could clear the holster. This number could include various combinations of releasing a number of catches and/or moving or twisting the gun in a particular direction as part of the draw. This is not always the case today, however, so as you look at potential security holsters for duty wear, make sure you understand the definitive terminology used by individual manufacturers. Unlike body armor, there is no standardization of security levels. Here are some of the best security duty holsters available for 2015.

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