There are plenty of options out there for hunters who need the best game cameras or families looking to beef up their home security with surveillance cameras.

In the fall 2014 issue of THE NEW PIONEER magazine, author Gil Lackey writes, “It started with a little piece of string. When an animal tripped the string stretched across a trail in the woods, an innovation called the Trailtimer recorded the time of the event.

“Years later, advancing technology allowed wildlife biologists to do research with remote monitoring cameras. Deer hunters soon jumped on the bandwagon to get these “trail cameras” to help them kill their bucks.

“These days, trail cameras are often known as game cameras because monitoring deer trails is only a fraction of their overall capability. From panthers to poachers, the list of critters folks are keeping tabs on is endless. What was primarily a seasonal hobby in the deer woods has expanded to a year-round passion stretching from suburban back yards into the wilderness.

“Many of today’s cameras are as easy as this: install batteries and a memory card, affix the camera to a tree or fencepost and switch the unit on.”

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