You probably don’t appreciate your AR’s trigger the way you should, and certainly not the way you will after seeing the purpose-designed options out there. I didn’t either until I really dug into this research. It’s no secret that dozens of companies make countless versions of the exact same components of AR-pattern rifles, or that among those confusing options are many different flavors of basically the same thing. But in the world of triggers, there is a range of truly different designs unlike anything that exists for other basic components of the rifle.

Let’s get familiar with a few trigger options to sample the range of designs and maybe find a model that will transform your experience with your rifle. That’s a big goal, but replacing your trigger can actually make an astounding difference.

It’s a confusing world, but we spent considerable time making a functional sort of sense of it for you, and we hope these samples — of the hundreds available — contain some things you didn’t know about AR-pattern trigger design — and maybe an option that’ll help with your style of shooting.

Scroll through the gallery above for a list of options.

For more information on the triggers mentioned in the gallery above, please visit the following websites:

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