Illumination is critical in a defensive situation, since you need to be able to identify friend from foe. Thankfully, AR lasers and lights can punch holes in the darkness, and today’s handguards—whether they have Picatinny rails, KeyMod cutouts or M-LOK slots—make it easy to install these devices in just moments. Lasers, in particular, can also help you make a shot if you can’t use your iron sights, or your position precludes using an optic. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the best tactical AR lasers and lights to help you gain every possible advantage.

For more information about the AR lasers and lights featured in the gallery above, visit the following sites.

AIM Sports 500-Lumen Flashlight

Barska Front Sight With Integrated Red Laser Sight

Beamshot BS8200S Tri Beam Laser

Beamshot X1-G

CenterPoint Compact Red Laser

Crimson Trace LiNQ System

Inforce WMLx White/IR

LaserMax Manta-Ray


MFT Torch Backup Light Series

NcSTAR Green & IR Laser With Quick-Release Mount

Steiner Mk5 Battle Light

Streamlight ProTac Rail Mount 2

Sun Optics CLF-CLSG Compact Laser/Light

SureFire M300V-IR Scout Light

UTG Subcompact LED Light & Adjustable Red Laser

Viridian V300

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