Sound suppressors are legal to use for hunting and other purposes in a majority of states. Along with law enforcement uses, suppressors make for quiet training, plinking and pest control.

As sound suppressors have grown more popular, manufacturers have stepped up to the plate to produce some truly cutting-edge devices that offer the best possible performance.

Here are some of the best new sound suppressors being introduced to the firearms market in early 2015.


AAC Illusion 9

The Illusion 9 is AAC’s first eccentric design and is based on the Evolution 9mm suppressor. It was designed to be low enough to allow for the use of factory-height sights. This unit is user serviceable. It is constructed with seven stainless steel conical baffles and a titanium body with a hardcoat anodized finish. The illusion is 7.88 inches long, 1.25 inches in diameter, weighs 10.4 ounces and has a rated sound reduction of 33 decibels. For more information, visit or call 770-925-9988.



The Ti-RANT 45M from Advanced Armament Corporation (AAC) is an unusual design because it is modular and can be configured into either a short or long unit. The suppressor disassembles for cleaning by removing a modular section containing three baffles. In the long incarnation, the unit is 8.74 inches long and weighs 13 ounces while the short version is 6.75 inches and 11.3 ounces. The can reduces the sound signature (while dry) by 30 and 18 decibels for the full and short configurations, respectively. The Ti-RANT 45M is made with a stainless steel blast baffle, anodized aluminum secondary baffles and a titanium tube and end cap. The 1.375-inch-diameter tube is finished with Cerakote. For more information, visit or call 770-925-9988.


AWC Ultra 13 Match

AWC is one of the oldest suppressor manufacturers, and it now offers over 20 suppressors for pistol, rifles and submachine guns. New for 2015 are the Marauder quick-disconnect rifle suppressor and several improved integral suppressors for the Ruger Mark III and Browning Buckmark pistols as well as Ruger’s 10/22 and 77/44 rifles. New to AWC’s lineup is the Ultra 13 Match, an integrally suppressed .22 LR. The Ultra resembles a 10/22 but is actually a Primary Weapons Systems Summit receiver with a Hogue stock and a 16.5-inch, match-grade Shaw barrel. The action is a straight-pull bolt like those used by biathlon shooters, not a semi-automatic, which helps keep it stealthy and accurate. AWC modifies the rifle by adding a removable core and barrel shroud made from stainless steel, titanium and aluminum. For more information, visit or call 800-401-7269.


Dead Air Silencers Sandman-L

Dead Air Silencers is a new name to the market but is certainly not inexperienced. Led by suppressor design veteran Mike Pappas, Dead Air makes extremely durable, high-performance suppressors. It does so by using fully welded Stellite cores and end caps for all of its centerfire suppressors. That’s unusual and probably unique in the industry. Stellite is a patented and extremely abrasion-resistant stainless steel used in some machine gun barrels. It is harder and more expensive than Inconel, which is the one of the most durable baffle materials used in the industry. It is expensive, but it lasts and is backed by a lifetime warranty. The tube is made from heat-treated stainless steel and is finished with Cerakote.

The 7.62mm Sandman-L is rated for up to .300 Win Mag use and is only 8.9 inches long and 1.5 inches wide but delivers a stated sound reduction of 31 decibels using 7.62mm NATO ammunition. This suppressor is tuned for low backpressure and has a removable end cap that acts as a flash suppressor. The Sandman-L mounts to Dead Air’s nitride-finished stainless steel muzzle brake. Alignment, attachment and gas seal are accomplished with a tapered cone with a secondary lug for additional securement. The mount allows the Sandman-L to be removed using only one hand. Its MSRP is $1,199. For more information, visit or call 877-892-7544.


EliteIron CQC & Delta

EliteIron’s centerfire rifle suppressors are made with stainless steel tubes finished with Cerakote while the core, fully welded for structural strength and durability, is made from stainless K baffles. For 5.56mm rifles, three models with direct-thread mounts are offered that differ with respect to length and sound reduction, including the 5.5-inch, full-auto-rated CQC (33 decibels), the 7.5-inch CQC Elite (34 decibels) and the 8-inch Delta (35 decibels), with weights between 16 and 23.5 ounces. All three have 1.5-inch diameters and 1/2×28 threads. Besides the suppressor, buyers of the CQC and CQC Elite also get a 1/2×28-threaded muzzle brake and a blast shield that can be installed over the brake to eliminates al side blast when using the rifle unsuppressed on a firing line with other shooters. For more information, visit or call 406-244-0234.



Gemtech partnered with Kimber to produce a highly specialized 1911 and suppressor combo kit. The GTSOC features a Kimber custom 1911, a Gemtech GM-45 suppressor, three magazines, an APL Inforce weapon light and a custom fitted nylon case. The Kimber is a steel-framed, Commander-sized pistol loaded with special features including a 4.5-inch, match-grade, threaded, stainless barrel; an ambidextrous safety; 24-lpi frontstrap checkering; custom Gemtech grips made from G10; an undercut triggerguard; and the KimPro II finish on the frame and slide. More significantly, the pistol has high-profile R4 Evolution ODS tritium night sights and a very sharp cocking ledge on the rear sight for one-handed racking of the slide. The GM-45 suppressor is 6.2 inches long without the piston, 1.25 inches in diameter and weighs only 5.5 ounces (without the piston) due to its 7075-T6 aluminum construction. The GM-45 is full-auto rated, completely finished in Cerakote, uses a monocore baffle and has a stated dry/wet sound reduction of 23/35 decibels. For more information, visit or call 208-939-7222.


Gemtech’s “The One”

The most versatile model in Gemtech’s new lineup is “The One,” because it handles several calibers. It is full auto rated in 10-inch or longer barrels in 5.56mm NATO, semi-auto in 16-inch or longer barrels in 7.62mm NATO and 24-inch barrels in .300 Winchester Magnum. The One is made with an Inconel G-Core monocore and a titanium tube, and uses Gemtech’s quick-attach mount. For more information, visit or call 208-939-7222.


Liberty Suppressors

Liberty makes a very broad line of suppressors for firearms in .22 LR, 9mm, .40, .45 ACP, 5.56mm and 7.62mm. Liberty silencers are detachable or made integral with a host firearm, such as the Rhino Arms ISR in 300 BLK. Liberty suppressors use monocore baffles and tubes made from aluminum, stainless steel, Inconel or titanium depending on the application. Several are rated for full-auto fire. Mounts are threaded or quick-detach using a Liberty muzzle brake included with the QD suppressor.

Liberty makes suppressors used in the Rhino Arms family of precision rifles, including the RA-4R ISR, which is an AR-15-style SBR chambered in 300 BLK. Rhino rifles made their debut in 2013 and are very high quality arms with factory-guaranteed accuracy of 0.25- to 0.5-MOA. The Liberty suppressor equipped on the ISR, with its titanium monocore, is permanently attached to the 7.5-inch barrel for an overall length of 16.1 inches, thus it is subject to only one NFA transfer tax. For more information, visit or


Mack Brothers MB556FAL & MB556FAS

Mack Brothers makes five centerfire and two rimfire suppressors. The centerfire units are designed for 5.56mm and 7.62mm rifles with a long and short version in each caliber. Both 5.56mm units (MB556FAL, MB556FAS) are full-auto rated, with the design tested using multiple iterations of the SOCOM firing tables. Both use a ball-lock, quick-detach mount that interfaces with a Mack Brothers muzzle brake or flash suppressors and allows the unit to be installed or removed with just over one rotation. They are made with titanium tubes and blast chambers, 718 Inconel blast baffles followed by 17-4 stainless steel for the secondary baffles. The cores are fully welded. Both units are 1.5 inches in diameter and finished in GunKote. The MB556FAL is 8 inches long, weighs 17 ounces and has a stated sound reduction of 34 decibels. The shorter MB556FAS is 6.5 inches long, weighs 14 ounces and reduces the sound signature by 32 decibels. For more information, visit or call 605-720-0002.


MasterPiece Arms 308S

MasterPiece Arms makes semi-automatic pistols and rifles and five different suppressors for .22 LR, 9mm, 5.56mm NATO and .308 Winchester firearms. The MPA 308S is made for .308 Winchester and 300 Blackout rifles with threaded barrels. It is a monocore design that uses 17-4 stainless steel for the core and 304L stainless for the tube and end cap. The unit is finished with Cerakote. The MPA 308S is 1.5 inches in diameter, 9.3 inches long and weighs 23 ounces. For more information, visit or call 770-832-9430.


MasterPiece Arms MPA556S

The MP556 S is designed for 5.56mm NATO rifles with a 1/2×28-threaded barrel of 11 inches or longer. This unit is full-auto rated and is made with a 17-4 stainless symmetrically baffled monocore and titanium body and end cap. The MP556S disassembles for cleaning and has a rubber O-ring for a gas seal. The unit is 1.5 inches in diameter, 7.5 inches long and weighs 15.3 ounces. For more information, visit or call 770-832-9430.


Sig Sauer SRD762-QD

Sig Sauer has launched a line of new suppressors with many of the same design and management team that built Advanced Armament Corporation (AAC) into a preeminent suppressor company. Sig’s new line emphasizes quality, innovation, performance and a competitive price, with the SRD762-QD being a prime example. This suppressor is only 7 inches long and 1.625 inches wide and weighs 17 ounces. It is rated for 7.62mm NATO, 300 BLK and .300 Winchester Magnum. Made from stainless steel and nickel alloy, the baffles on this suppressor are welded together in a stack without an additional tube to save weight and cost, and they have a PVD finish. Just as unusual, however, is Sig’s unique modular Taper-Lok fast-attach mount that is included with the suppressor. (Most companies sell the required mount separately.) This system serves several purposes. It aligns and secures the suppressor to the barrel by using a wide tapered conical surface that also acts as an effective gas seal. It also can be fitted with any of five styles of muzzle brakes or flash suppressors, or used without one. The Taper-Lok mount also allows the user to easily set the position of the muzzle brake or flash suppressor with a crush washer. There are no mechanical teeth or ratchet system to wear out, and removing the suppressor is done by hand, though the suppressor has wrench flats if required. Its MSRP is $695. For more information, visit or call 603-610-3000.


Stealth Engineering Group

Stealth Engineering Group (SEG) is a new company that makes four suppressor models that can be custom configured to the user’s specifications. All four models use monocore baffles, and both the core and the tube can be made with any combination of aluminum, stainless steel or titanium. Customers can also order suppressors in a wide variety of calibers and several finishes. Customers who select a titanium tube have an unusual variety of optional finishes, including camo, rings and a swirl pattern. The four models range in size from the Independent, which is 1 inch in diameter and 6.125 inches long, to the Hancock model, which is 1.5 inches in diameter and 8.9 inches long. For more information, visit


SureFire Ryder 9-Ti

The SF Ryder 9-Ti is 7.6 inches long and weighs 9.1 ounces with the piston. At only 1.25 inches wide, no special high-profile sights are needed on the host pistol. The Ryder 9-Ti uses a titanium tube and end caps coated in grey, black or Flat Dark Earth Cerakote. Inside, there are five heat-treated stainless steel baffles and one spacer that are numbered and notched for correct and quick reassembly after cleaning. The Ryder 9-Ti is sold with an assembly/disassembly tool that easily removes and reinstalls the baffles as a single-stacked unit. Sound testing from SureFire with a dry can indicates a signature of 131 decibels with Federal 124-grain FMJs. The Ryder 9-Ti also works when the pistol is pointed directly downward, which is a challenge for pistol suppressors using subsonic ammunition. Its MSRP is $799. For more information, visit or call 800-828-8809.


Thunder Beast Ultra

Thunder Beast Arms Corporation (TBAC) specializes in making suppressors for precision long-range shooters using bolt-action or semi-automatic rifles. The company’s new Ultra series suppressors are designed or calibers up to .300 Winchester Magnum and are made entirely of titanium with fully welded cores for strength. (Direct-thread models use a 17-4 stainless steel blast shield.) Ultra suppressors mount with direct thread or to the company’s Compact Brake muzzle brake or flash suppressor that is included with the suppressor. The CB mount uses a tapered cone to align and lock the suppressor to the mount. The mounting method (thread or CB) can also be changed by the factory without needing to buy an additional suppressor. Ultra series cans are 1.5 inches in diameter and come in three lengths: 5, 7 or 9 inches. They weigh only 7.6- to 11.9 ounces with the CB mount and 9.4 to 13.7 ounces with direct-thread mounts. They are finished with black, OD or Flat Dark Earth Cerakote. For more information, visit or call 307-287-2052.


Wilson Combat Whisper

Best known for its very high-quality 1911 pistols, AR-15 rifles and customizations for Remington 870 shotguns, Wilson Combat recently introduced its first line of suppressors. The Whisper line is made of titanium and comes in one external size that can be configured into four different bore diameters: 9mm, 5.56mm, 7.62mm and 6.8mm. All Whisper suppressors use a monocore design welded to a 6.3-inch-long, 1.875-inch-diameter tube that weighs only 17.8 ounces. Whisper suppressors use a quick-attach mount to attach to a Wilson stainless steel and nitride finished muzzle brake that is included with the suppressor. Suppressor tubes come standard with bead-blasted finish with an optional heat-resistant Armor-Tuff coating in black, grey, OD, desert tan or Flat Dark Earth. For more information, visit or call 870-545-3618.


Yankee Hill Machine Sidewinder

Yankee Hill Machine (YHM) makes rifle, pistol and submachinegun suppressors. For 2015, the company will offer the Sidewinder suppressor in 9mm, .40 and .45 ACP. All Sidewinders are 1.375 inches in diameter but have different lengths depending on caliber: 7.8 inches for the 9mm, and 8.75 inches for the .40 and .45 ACP. Their construction is also consistent, with the monocore baffle made from hardcoat anodized 7075-T6 aluminum and housed in a tube made from 6061-T6 aluminum. The booster assembly and mount are made from 17-4PH stainless steel. The Sidewinder can be disassembled for cleaning. All YHM suppressors also have a lifetime warranty. For more information, visit or call 877-892-6533.

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