The 32nd Annual SWAT Roundup International (SRI) was held recently in November of 2014 near Orlando, Fla.

The Orange County Sherriff’s Office hosted the event at its range. The SRI is one of the longest-running and preeminent international SWAT competitions held in the U.S. The SRI includes world-class training classes and a half-dozen, high-speed, individual and team competitive events for the dozens of overseas, out-of-state and Florida-based special operations teams who participate.

The objective of the SRI is to have the teams come together to learn from each other and see new techniques as well as the newest and best gear available on the market. An onsite trade show showcases international manufacturers who acknowledge that this venue is one of the best to get the right gear in front of the right people.

Here are some of the best new products shown at the 2014 SWAT Roundup International.

ALST460 Tactical Blast Strip

As thin as a pamphlet but offering the bark of a flashbang grenade, the ALST460 Tactical Blast Strip from Amtec Less-Lethal Systems is a single-use stun munition that produces 175 decibels of sound at 7 feet. Slipped under a door, the Tactical Blast Strip can be triggered alone or with others with a 5-meter electric match to provide instant disorientation during a dynamic entry. It also gives off a 10-million candela burst of light with a pressure wave that adds to the extreme but non-destructive physiological effects. This is truly a big bang for the buck when an impressive distraction with little damage and minimal human harm is needed. (; 850-223-4066)

ESP Spray Lights

A truly convenient and effective less-lethal option in aerosal pepper spray, which is designated to incapacitate the recipient long enough to have restraints applied. The Euro Security Products (ESP) Spray Lights not only have a powerful spray but also built-in flashlights that can help blind or ifentify the target in dark conditions. The Spray Light series is available in various sizes and features a super-bright LED in the cap, which also serves as a switch. (

ESP Expandable Batons

The expandable baton has become a mainstay of less-lethal self-protection for many law enforcement officers and civilians. The new expandable batons from ESP are incredibly strong and are made to mount a variety of attachments so that they can be used to pry, break glass, sever steel cables and locks, and even serve as innocuous flashlights. As an easily transported and compact kit, the expandable baton, with its accessories, allows an officer to have a full set of options to defeat not only a violent criminal, but also cut off a chain or lock, break a window to save a life or, with an optional mirror, see what is around a corner or underneath a vehicle. (

ESP Textile Handcuffs

ESP’s disposable Textile Handcuffs can be easily carried, deployed and used while providing a secure binding that has proven to be impossible for a prisoner to defeat. ESP offers the patented Textile Handcuffs in easy-to-carry packs in various quantities, making them a great option for crowd control work.When required, the Textile Handcuffs can be cut off with a hand-safe cutter from ESP that can also be used to cut away clothes or seat belts in an emergency. (

ESP Tactical Backpack

ESP’s Tactical Backpack makes it easy to transport a large quantity of useful equipment and ensure its immediate availability for police or emergency rescue operations. Thanks to its special design, this backpack organizes the equipment according to the needs and specific requirements of the given unit. The inside of the backpack features carry straps that can be adjusted as necessary for the placement of gear. The front and back of the backpack also contain special pockets for ballistic protection. (

FoxFury AWL-P Laser-Tac

The tough, waterproof FoxFury AWL-P Laser-Tac mounts to most full-sized pistol rails and provides a 140-lumen CREE LED light as well as a red laser. It has ambidextrous controls with three modes (including turbo-strobe) of illumination. The red laser has a separate on/off switch and can be used on its own or in conjunction with the white light. The unit weighs only 2.4 ounces and is 3.1 inches long. It’s powered by a CR123 battery. (; 844-369-3879)

Lancer Adaptive Magwell

Lancer’s Adaptive Magwell is designed to work on mil-spec 5.56mm NATO AR-pattern rifles and carbines with “winter” triggerguards. Easy to install, the magazine well can cut reloading time in half by providing a funnel that will allow the shooter to keep their eyes on the target even under high stress. Installing the Adaptive Magwell requires no permanent modifications to the host weapon. One- and two-piece designs are available. The Adaptive Magwell incorporates tensioning screws to eliminate any rattle, and it secures to the rifle’s triggerguard. (; 610-973-2600)

Lancer Carbon-Fiber Sig Handguards

Lancer is offering its octagonal, carbon-fiber, free-floating LCH handguards for SIG516 and SIG716 rifles. These handguards feature aluminum Picatinny top rails, and side cooling slots accept 2-, 4- and 5-inch accessory rails as well as an optional QD sling attachment. Slots at 6 o’clock accept rails for mounting bipods. Lancer is currently offering 7.4- and 13.1-inch LCH models, and the longer versions feature a cutout to expose the adjustable gas block. All contours are snag free thanks to a proprietary process. (; 610-973-2600)

MOHOC Elite Ops Camera

The Military-Optimized Helmet Camera (MOHOC) allows tactical teams to record their operations and trainers to evaluate student performance. The MOHOC Elite Ops Camera, waterproof to 10 meters, has a revolutionary helmet contour for a better fit and is attached via Velcro to the top or side of helmets. The MOHOC camera records sound and has a 140-degree field of view. It can record hours of broadcast-quality, low-light HD video and still photos at the same time, either with a convenient release or by remote control using wireless transmission. (; 208-806-1391)

Nightstick TAC-460XL-K01

Most tactical carbine shooters think that an on-board light is a mandatory accessory. The new Nightstick TAC-460XL-K01 long gun light kit has every possible feature but at a very reasonable cost. It has a 1.5-hour run time using two included CR123 batteries, producing 800 lumens of light that can spot targets out to over 200 meters. The light comes with a tail-cap switch as well as weapon-mounted Picatinny rings and a remote pressure switch. (; 469-326-9400)

Nightstick NSR-9944XL

The Nightstick NSR-9944XL offers a powerful 600-lumen LED floodlight as well as a focused, 650-lumen primary LED beam. Waterproof to 1 meter, the aluminum NSR-9944XL has a tail cap and mid-body push buttons that will illuminate objects out to 275 meters. The Nightstick comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery as well a charger and AC and 12-volt DC power supplies. (; 469-326-9400)

Ring Power Rook Enhanced

The Rook Critical Incident Vehicle, manufactured by Ring Power, is made from the powerful Tier IV Cat chassis. Weighing 13,000 pounds with wide rubber tracks, the Rook has dual joystick controls as well as an enclosed cab with NIJ Level IV armor and bulletproof glass. It can also be fitted with four attachments, including the Armored Deployment Platform, the Hydraulic Breaching Ram and the Grapple Claw for tactical demolition or clearing roadblocks and debris. The newest Rook now has a bolted-together exterior, as opposed to its previously welded-together design, to ease repair and replacement of individual assemblies. In addition, the video monitor is now a touchscreen and the camera system is cellular, meaning video can be transmitted to any mobile device like a tablet or smartphone. (; 904-494-7531)

Rogers Glock Mag Well Adapter

The Rogers Glock Mag Well Adapter provides a beveled lead-in for quickly reloading a Glock pistol. The adapter also covers the rear edge of the mag well, which frequently catches the top of a magazine, interfering with either a competition or tactical reload. Easily installed by the shooter with an included Allen wrench, adapters are available for Gen1, Gen2, Gen3 and Gen4 Glocks and require no permanent modification. (; 904-646-0141)

Rogers Rail Light

A bright idea at a low price, the Rogers Rail Light can be slipped onto any pistol’s Picatinny rail to provide a target-illuminating light aligned with the barrel at the touch of the non-shooting-hand thumb. Conveniently ambidextrous, the mount positions the AAA-powered Streamlight Microstream flashlight either to the right or left of the trigger. The Rogers Rail Light can be easily carried in a vest or uniform pocket and then clipped on when needed. (; 904-646-0141)

Rogers Tap Rack Training Aid

Striker-fired pistols have to be racked to cock the pistol, so for training demonstrations with an empty magazine inserted, the user has to remove the magazine, release the slide and reinsert the magazine. While that is not normally an issue for casual use, it can waste time for instructors teaching immediate action drills. To help facilitate racking a slide with an empty magazine inserted, the Rogers Tap Rack Training Aid is now available for 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP magazines. It allows the slide to be safely and freely operated without picking up anything from the magazine or locking in the open position. (; 904-646-0141)

Tifosi Talos Tactical Eye Protection

The Talos Tactical glasses from Tifosi are the newest, lightweight, affordable eye protection available. Weighing just 30 grams, the Talos Tactical has a non-reflective matte black finish, with its frame and lenses meeting the ANSI Z87.1 safety standard for impact, clarity and eye coverage. The Talos Tactical also features adjustable, hydrophilic ear and nose pieces so that a wide range of wearers can find the best fit for them. Each Talos Tactical comes with three sets of condition-specific lenses in smoke, clear and high-contrast red. (; 877-530-0815)

TRU-SPEC 24-7 Series Ascent Pants

The new and excellently tailored TRU-SPEC 24-7 Series Ascent pants are perfect for the range, hunt or even casual Friday. Made of 6.5-ounce, polyester/cotton micro rip-stop fabric with a comfort slider waistband for a superior fit and ease of movement, the Ascent is treated with a stain- and fade-resistant Teflon coating. The Ascent has a reinforced, 2.5-inch-wide front knife/flashlight utility pocket, a badge holder on the front belt loop, inset cargo pockets and discreetly reinforced knees for a streamlined appearance (with internal knee pockets for optional knee pads). It also features an easy-access pocket behind each cargo pocket that fits most cell phones. (; 800-241-9414)

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