If you want to save money or fine-tune your ammunition to meet your needs, there’s no better option than handloading. And there’s a certain satisfaction from making your own ammunition from cases, powder and projectiles.

Here are some of the best new reloading products hitting the market in early 2016. Scroll through the gallery above and keep your eyes peeled for these cutting-edge products.

Annealing Made Perfect

Annealing Made Perfect has introduced a new level of precision for reloaders: a pre-programmed, fully calibrated induction annealer. This allows you to get the exact neck hardness you need every time. All of the program settings were established by laboratory micro-Vickers neck hardness tests. You can change from one cartridge type to another in seconds. The Annealing Made Perfect system works with all cases from .17 caliber to .460 Weatherby. (; 219-279-2377)

Berger Bullets

Berger Bullets is known for producing top-grade projectiles, and the company will offer three new bullets for 2016: a 130-grain 6.5mm, a 170-grain .270 and a 195-grain 7mm. (; 714-441-7200)

Caldwell Ballistic Precision Chronograph G2

The G2 literally flips conventional chronograph technology upside down. By inverting the system, the G2 is capable of measuring in adverse light conditions, making the measurements more accurate than conventional chronographs, even indoors. The light sensors were spaced 18 inches apart for more accuracy, and the sunscreens have self-contained LED lights when a little extra light is needed. Collapsible and compact, the system is quickly and easily deployed from its heavy-duty storage case. A high-speed 48 MHz processor and a circuit with an advanced data interface allow the G2 to be incredibly accurate from 5 to 9,999 fps. (; 877-509-9160)

CamPro Bullets

CamPro, a Canadian company, is now offering its copper-plated pistol bullets to the American market. The bullets are fully copper plated with a 0.008-inch layer of copper over a 98-percent lead, 2-percent antimony core. These bullets are swaged after the plating process for consistent size and weight uniformity. Bullets are available in .32, .380, 38/.357, 9mm, .45 ACP, .45 Colt, .44, .223, .308 and .303 diameters. (; 418-878-1811)

Hornady Bullets & Cases

Hornady has added four new .30-caliber bullets to its lineup for 2016: a 110-grain GMX, 130-grain GMX, a 125-grain HP and a 180-grain GMX. The company has also added 10 new cases to its line of ready-to-load brass. The most notable cases are the new 6mm Creedmoor and 7.62x39mm. (; 800-338-3220)

Hornady Case & Parts Dryer

With an innovative top-mounted powerhead that dries cases and gun parts quickly and easily, the Hornady Case & Parts Dryer features multiple levels for increased capacity. With three trays and a spacer for taller parts, the Case & Parts Dryer is quickly disassembled for easy cleanup. (; 800-338-3220)

Hornady G2-1500 Electronic Scale

This Trickle-compatible scale features a constant readout, a compact design and a wire-free battery power supply (two AAA batteries). The precision load cell ensures one-tenth of a grain accuracy up to 500 grains with a max reference measurement of 1,500 grains. This offers the flexibility to either trickle powder into the pan or weigh charges, bullets or case weights directly. You can trust this scale to make quick work of your most precise handloading tasks. (; 800-338-3220)

Hornady Lock-N-Load Iron Press

The new Lock-N-Load Iron Press from Hornady is a heavyweight (26 pounds) press designed to span the gap between older single-stage presses and progressive presses. This is a great press for working up loads in your shop. (; 800-338-3220)

IMR Enduron Powders

IMR has unveiled four new Enduron Technology powders for 2016. IMR 4166 offers the perfect burn speed for cartridges like the .308 Winchester, .22-250 and .257 Roberts. IMR 4451 gives top performance in the venerable .30-06, .270 Winchester and .300 WSM to name just a few. This propellant is ideally suited for mid-range burn speed cartridges. IMR 4955 is a top choice for .25-06, .270 Winchester, .280 Remington and .300 Winchester Magnum loads. It falls directly between IMR 4451 and IMR 7977 in burn speed. The slowest burn rate powder, IMR 7977, is a true magnum propellant yielding great performance in .300 Winchester Magnum, 7mm Remington Magnum and .338 Lapua Magnum. (; 913-362-9455)

Load Ready

Load Ready offers factory-reconditioned brass, fully processed to original specifications and ready to load. All of the company’s products are packaged for retail with Load Ready’s Rapid Wash, Case Lube, Case Polish and Media Blend to cover all of your brass reloading needs. (; 385-236-3202)

Lyman Cyclone Rotary Tumbler

The Lyman Cyclone Rotary Tumbler takes brass cleaning to a whole new level. The rotary tumbling action, combined with the stainless steel media and liquid cleaning solution, gets brass cleaner on the outside than vibratory tumbling methods. The small stainless pins easily slip inside cases and into primer pockets to provide superior cleaning action in these areas. The large-capacity drum holds up to 1,000 pieces of .223 brass and features a rubber lining to protect brass and greatly reduce noise during operation. Unique two-piece sifter pans (included) make separating cases and media simple. (; 800-225-9626)

Mark 7 650 X Autodrive

Mark 7 Reloading is now offering its 650 X Autodrive, which is an add-on to the Dillon 650 progressive press. This is a computer-controlled drive that makes the Dillon press a hands-free device that will produce up to 1,400 rounds per hour. (; 617-545-4890)

MTM Tactical Magazine Can

MTM Case-Gard, a major manufacturer of handloading accessories, is now offering Tactical Magazine Cans. These plastic storage cans resemble an old-fashioned U.S. Army ammo can, but they have foam inserts precut to hold 15 AR-15 magazines, 10 AK magazines, 16 .45 ACP magazines or 10 Glock magazines, or a mix of AR, Glock and .45 ACP magazines. (; 937-890-7461)

Quality Cartridge Cases

Quality Cartridge is offering 12 new cartridge cases for 2016. These include the .222 Remington, .250 Savage, .284 Winchester, .25-35 Winchester, .300 Savage, .308 Norma Magnum, .32 Winchester Special, .35 Remington, .358 Norma Magnum, 6mm Remington, 6.5×57 Mauser and 8mm Remington Magnum. (; 301-373-3719)

RCBS M1000 Mechanical Scale

The new M1000 Mechanical Scale from RCBS offers a 1,000-grain capacity and is accurate to one-tenth of a grain. It also offers right- or left-handed operation. More features include magnetic damping for fast readings and maintenance-free movement. A metal, tip-proof pan makes loading easy. (; 800-379-1732)

Redding .30 Nosler Diet Sets

Working closely with Nosler through its development process, Redding has now unveiled .30 Nosler die sets for all levels of handloading need. This round was formally introduced in early 2016 and has game-changing potential for a host of sport shooting and hunting disciplines. As a result, Redding will offer Standard Full Length, Standard Neck and Deluxe diet sets. The more advanced handloader will appreciate the bushing-style Type–S and Type-S Match sets, and those seeking the greatest potential for pure accuracy will surely enjoy Redding’s Competition die sets. (

Redding Piloted Deburring Tool

This tool removes burrs and bevels case mouths for easier bullet seating. The pilot rod feature is adjustable for different cartridge lengths and ensures chamfer concentricity to the case mouth. The tool’s hardened, precision-ground flutes make clean, easy, chatter-free cuts. It accepts all cases from .22 to .475 caliber. (

Sierra’s New Bullets

Sierra is offering five new bullets for 2016: a 6mm 95-grain Tipped MatchKing (TMK) with a ballistic coefficient of .490; a 6.5mm 130-grain TMK with a ballistic coefficient of .518; a 7mm 160-grain with a ballistic coefficient of .600; a 7mm 183-grain MatchKing with a ballistic coefficient of .707; and a .30-caliber 135-grain Varminter with a ballistic coefficient of .290. (; 888-223-3006)

Top Brass 300 BLK Cases

Top Brass is a provider of recycled and cleaned military brass cartridge cases. For 2016, the company is offering 300 Blackout cases in 100-count jugs. (; 800-836-4683)

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