Two new products have really helped me lately in preparing for a training course, as well as a few competitions. This particular training takes your 5.56mm carbine to its limits in terms of range and target acquisition.

Steel targets are engaged from 100 to 800 yards under stress, and you don’t have time to obtain a solid shooting position. It requires not only a good scope but accurate ammunition and a way to identify long-range targets outside the optic.

Finding small targets at long range through an optic, especially under stress, can be extremely difficult. But the JEC Customs Target-Locating Device (TLD) is perfect for target identification, and Black Hills’ new 77-grain Tipped MatchKing (TMK) ammo is a solid performer at long distances.


The JEC Customs TLD provides a level along with an offset rail for mounting a mini reflex sight. Mounted high and to your preferred side, the TLD makes it easy to find targets at range. If you locate your target with the mini reflex sight and move to your scope, the target will be within your scope’s field of view.

Used on two separate rifles, the TLD has helped me quickly address targets from 100 to 1,200 yards. The level comes in handy at long range, where scope cant is critical. Available in 30, 34 and 35mm sizes, the TLD is lightweight and installs easily on your scope tube. Any quality mini reflex sight will work with the TLD’s rail. (; 817-504-1637)


Sierra’s MatchKing bullets have ruled for decades when it comes to long distance, especially the 77-grain OTM round. The company’s new Tipped MatchKing, with its polymer tip, only makes things better. It’s more accurate at longer rangers, it bucks the wind better, and it even expands more.

Black Hills’ load using this bullet is proving to be a tack driver with excellent long-range characteristics. I’ve tested the 77-grain TMK ammo in several rifles out to 900 yards, and so far this load has really improved my performance, especially beyond 300 yards. What more could you ask for? (; 605-348-5150)

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