The SMART (Standard Multiple Application Response Tool) Baton looks at first glance like a typical black, high-impact plastic, side-handle baton, but look again. The side handle contains a 0.75-ounce canister of OC (pepper) spray, with an effective range of 12 to 15 feet. The short end of the baton houses a high-quality LED tactical flashlight, and if you unscrew the strike portion of the baton, beneath it is a vehicle glass-break point. You can also customize the strike portion with different lengths, weights and shapes; it even comes with a belt carrier. (201-832-7779,

Daniel Defense is offering a new AR package geared towards officers who must buy their own. Called the Professional Operator Solutions Law Enforcement Package, it includes one of three choices of Daniel Defense M4 5.56mm AR carbines plus a Daniel Defense vertical foregrip, front and rear Magpul back-up sights and MOE adjustable stock, a Bushnell Elite Tactical TRS-25 mini red-dot sight with mount, plus six Magpul PMAGs, all in an Uncle Mike’s Rifle Assault Bag. You can select the Patrol Rifle Package (PRP: 16-inch barrel, general purpose), the Light Weight Package (LWP: 16-inch barrel with free-float Omega X-Rail) or the Special Services Package (SSP: 11.5-inch barrel). (866-554-4867,

Galco Kydex StrYker Holster
New for 2011, this hand-formed Kydex adjustable belt holster from Galco is designed for Glock, Sig, 1911 and S&W M&P models, and offers dual adjustment screws for solid firearm retention, as well as an adjustable belt clip that can be set for belts as narrow as 1.25 inches. This prevents the wobble most belt holsters suffer from when worn with smaller-width belts. The durable Kydex pouch is form-fitted for each model pistol. (800-874-2526,

Buck CSAR-T Responder Knife
Designed with LEO and rescue personnel in mind, the CSAR-T Responder knife combines several emergency tools in a highly capable TOPS/Buck 3.5-inch blade. Just to the rear of the knife’s tough G10 handles is an integrated glass breaker and protected seatbelt cutter. Also of note is the integrated hex tool interface, which allows the knife to be used with hex bits as an on-hand tool for emergencies. (800-326-2825,

Taser X2
One of the latest Taser products is the Model X2, which is belt-portable and provides for an immediate backup shot in the event of a miss. The dual-shot X2 features separated laser sights for improved accuracy for its two probes that impart the incapacitating electrical impulses to the subject. A Warning Arc can be displayed that often ends fights before they start. (800-978-2737,

Springfield Custom Shop Harrison Sight Option
Created in answer to popular demand, this is a new option available on Springfield Armory guns. Built by Harrison, this optional sight is offered for LE departments that want a fixed sight for the TRP Operator (which comes standard with an adjustable unit). The design, which provides an excellent sighting channel, is sturdy enough to use for cycling the slide against a table or other hard surface if the user is unable to use both hands.

Patrol Trauma Pak
The Trauma Pak from Pelham Training is designed to provide officers in the field with a handy and portable lifesaving kit. It is small enough to be carried in the trauma plate pocket on most concealable body armor—rather than the trunk of a cruiser where it will do little good. Starting at just $24, the kit contains a tourniquet, wound-packing gauze, and chest and abdomen seals. Two enhanced versions offer either HALO chest seals or QuikClot gauze for additional cost. (800-339-7914,


Hogue Concealed Carry Holster
This new Hogue holster is a dual-purpose thermoformed holster that Hogue will be introducing this year. It will initially be available for Glock pistols in 2012, followed by rigs custom-fit for 1911 Government models and other law enforcement pistols. The Hogue “PowerSpeed” automatic retention lock is released by downward pressure from the thumb while grasping the grips. The thermoformed rig is a complete kit that can be easily converted from a paddle holster to a belt holster in a matter of minutes. (800-438-4747,

Century Arms Saiga-12S
Restricted to LE use only, the Saiga-12S EXP-01 12-gauge shotgun offers LE officers a highly capable tactical shotgun. Based upon the Kalashnikov rifle, the Saiga-12S feeds from a detachable box magazine in either four- or eight-round capacities and employs an adjustable gas system to ensure it functions reliably with a wide range of 2¾- and 3-inch shotshells. The 18.9-inch barrel is smoothbore, and the recoil pad-equipped polymer buttstock is designed to fold along the left side of the shotgun for added compactness. (800-270-2767,

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