Visually stunning laminate hardwood stocks from Boyds’ Gunstocks are now available for AK-pattern rifles, as well as rimfire and centerfire varmint rifles.

The three-piece AK set includes a buttstock and two-piece handguard. They are available in several styles and colors, and replace the often dinged and tarnished military-surplus wood that comes on many AK-pattern rifles. They enhance the look, feel and value of your rifle. Available color schemes include forest camo, nutmeg and pepper, and replacement pistol grips in complementary wood are available as well.

The Boyds Pro Varmint Stock can be had in models that fit many modern bolt-action rifles. The stock replaces your rifle’s factory stock with a high-end, custom stock featuring an adjustable cheekpiece to achieve a positive cheekweld at whatever height you mount your scope, and a much more vertical pistol grip for improved weapon control and comfort in a wide variety of positions.

The forearm also features a wide, mostly flat “beavertail” bottom with twin sling swivel attachment points to enable the mounting of a bipod as well as a sling.

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