Hornady’s latest breakthrough in ballistic engineering, the Heat Shield Tip, is right at home atop the company’s new all-range hunting bullet, the ELD-X, as well as its new match-grade ELD Match.

By using extensive Doppler radar testing, Hornady determined that conventional polymer tips deform in flight from aerodynamic heating (or the friction from traveling so quickly through the air), which compromises their shape and ballistic coefficient.

The Heat Shield Tip is a completely new formulation for a polymer tip, which resists aerodynamic heating and other forces so that it maintains its shape at all velocities and ranges. This improves the ballistic coefficient, opening up two new avenues of projectile design with Hornady’s Heat Shield Tip-enabled Extremely Low Drag (ELD) projectiles.

The ELD-X is designed for hunting, with construction and metallurgy that helps the projectile expand reliably at distances beyond 400 yards while also holding together at much closer ranges with higher impact velocities. The “X” stands for eXpanding.

The ELD Match provides exceptionally consistent tip shape from bullet to bullet and lot to lot for improved consistency, and the ballistic coefficient increase means greater accuracy at longer distances.

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