Customizing your AR for a caliber-specific scenario is as easy as pulling two pins. The modular characteristics of the AR platform make it one of the most versatile weapons systems ever designed. You can swap out the upper receiver for a specific need, like CQB and home-defense work, or change the caliber to hunt medium- to large-sized game. Complete upper receivers give you a choice—longer barrels for long-distance shooting, shorter barrels to work in close quarters. The options are endless, and life is too short to just shoot your rifle with one upper installed. Here are a few upper receivers worth considering.

For more information about the upper receivers featured above, please visit the following sites.

2A Armament Balios-Lite Gen 2

Alexander Arms .17 HMR Upper

Axelson Tactical AXE-18

BCM Enhanced Lightweight Upper With KMR-A Handguard

Black Rain Ordnance Left-Handed Comp3G

CMMG Mk4 T Upper Group

Dark Storm Industries DS-10 Lightning

Dark Storm Industries DS-15 Sport

Del-Ton 16” Pre-Ban Heavy Flat Top Barrel Assembly

DPMS .308 Oracle

Gemtech Integra 5.56

LWRCI REPR Spiral-Fluted Upper

POF-USA 7.62x39mm Puritan

POF-USA 16.5 Black 6.8 SPC

Primary Weapons Systems MK107 MOD 2

Primary Weapons Systems MK111 MOD 1-P

PSA Pistol-Length KeyMod

Seekins Precision iRMT-R MCSR

Stag Arms Model 3HDI Upper

X Products Can Cannon

YHM-7810 Specter Black Diamond

YHM-7305 KR7 Series

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