221B Tactical has taken the concept of a tactical glove to a new level with its Exxtremity Glove.

The Exxtremity Tactical Glove incorporates the lighting you need right into your body.

The high-powered LED flashlight is mountable onto either glove-hand giving you ambidextrous use.

For LEOs pulling over a driver at night, you’ll be more visible roadside by utilizing the Exxtremity Glove’s Strobe Mode. The Exxtremity Glove’s Strobe Mode can also temporarily blind and distract a threatening perpetrator while keeping both hands free to neutralize him or her.

The Exxtremity Tactical Glove set comes with:

  • 1 Attachable LED Torch Flashlight – 250 Lumens with solid beam and strobe-light functionality
  • 1 Pair of high-quality tactical police gloves you can use with or without the mountable LED Flashlight
  • 1 Pressure-switch with an attachable cord that allows on-off activation with the tap of your thumb against your index finger
  • 1 Picatinny Rail Mounting Feature which allows the LED Flashlight to easily snap on and off your glove

The Exxtremity Tactical Glove retails for $99.99 and is available now.

For more information on the Exxtremity Tactical Glove and other products from 221B Tactical, please visit

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