Maglula 7.62mm/.308 Magazine Loader 23 sfg
Maglula 7.62mm/.308 Magazine Loader

As the saying goes, the devil is in the details, and with AR-15 rifles and carbines a small tweak to, say, the trigger can mean the difference between a hit or a miss. Swapping in a larger charging handle will mean you can clear a jam more quickly and effectively. Single-point slings may have been born for battle and protecting the streets, but they are well suited for still-hunting with an AR.

It’s these finer details that can help a shooter, hunter or home defender put the finishing customizations on their firearm for optimum performance and shooting comfort.

Here’s a look at some support gear to keeping your AR running smoothly.


1. BCM Gunfighter QD KeyMod Sling Mount

BCM Gunfighter QD KeyMod Sling Mount 23 sfg
BCM Gunfighter QD KeyMod Sling Mount

The BCM Gunfighter Quick Detachable KeyMod Sling Mount is a low-profile mount that fits standardized KeyMod interface mounting holes. Standard push-button swivels are used, providing an eight-position attachment point that is flush with the surface, eliminating snags. When mounting, arrows locate the forward portion. An included Torx wrench tightens the two mounting screws after the assembly slips into place on the KeyMod. (; 877-272-8626)


2. BlackHawk AR-15 Offset Safety Selector

BlackHawk AR-15 Offset Safety Selector 23 sfg
BlackHawk AR-15 Offset Safety Selector

This drop-in replacement for an AR-15 selector offers improved ergonomics and facilitates easier manipulation. The Offset Safety Selector is available in both right-handed and ambidextrous variants. (; 800-379-1732)


3. Brownells AR-15/M16 Standard ArmorER’s Kit

Brownells AR-15/M16 Standard ArmorER’s Kit 23 sfg
Brownells AR-15/M16 Standard ArmorER’s Kit

AR weapons are a cinch to work on, especially if you have the right tools. Each tool serves a specific function, and the AR-15/M16 Standard Armorer’s Kit from Brownells has all the tools you need to completely strip down an AR to a pile of parts and rebuild it. Some 35 pieces are included in the kit, making it one of the most comprehensive groups of repair and maintenance tools ever assembled. (; 800-741-0015)


4. Crosshair Recoil Buffer

Crosshair Recoil Buffer 23 sfg
Crosshair Recoil Buffer

The Crosshair hydraulic buffer reduces felt recoil and muzzle rise to help an operator stay on target. This simple drop-in replacement buffer is constructed from aluminum and helps suppress bolt bounce. (

5. Fortis RAP With QD Sling Swivel

Fortis RAP With QD Sling Swivel 23 sfg
Fortis RAP With QD Sling Swivel

The Fortis RAP (Rail Attachment Point) mounts to any Picatinny rail, allowing the user to snap in a heavy-duty sling swivel. The RAP has a minimal footprint yet allows users a variety of mounting options. Made of 6061 aluminum, the RAP is rugged and reliable. RAPs can also come with quick-detachable sling swivels. (; 253-245-5622)


6. Geissele Super Semi-Automatic Enhanced Trigger

Geissele Super Semi-Automatic Enhanced Trigger 23 sfg
Geissele Super Semi-Automatic Enhanced Trigger

The Super Semi-Automatic Enhanced (SSA-E) trigger is the semi-automatic version of Geissele’s full-auto trigger. It is a two-stage combat trigger that provides enhanced control for better accuracy. The SSA-E has a reduced first-stage take-up and a crisp second-stage pull. (; 610-272-2060)


7. GunTec AR-15 Gen 2 Buffer Tube Kit

GunTec AR-15 Gen 2 Buffer Tube Kit 23 sfg
GunTec AR-15 Gen 2 Buffer Tube Kit

The GunTec AR-15 Gen 2 Buffer Tube Kit is specifically designed for use with the Sig Sauer SB15 Stabilizing Brace. Made of 6061-T6 aluminum, it fits all mil-spec lower receivers and comes with a heavy-duty castle nut, a quick-detach end plate and swivel, the buffer and a chrome Teflon spring. (; 480-478-4517)


8. High Standard Mil-Spec Parts

High Standard Mil-Spec Parts 23 sfg
High Standard Mil-Spec Parts

When reliable replacement parts are needed, High Standard offers mil-spec quality. Using investment casting, High Standard manufactures an AR mil-spec trigger assembly, bolt catch and safety selector that are reliable, tough and easy to install. All parts are compatible with any mil-spec AR-15. (; 713-462-4200)

9. Lancer L7AWM Magazine

Lancer L7AWM Magazine 23 sfg
Lancer L7AWM Magazine

Available in five-, 10- and 20-round capacities, Lancer’s hybrid L7AWM magazines are designed for 7.62mm NATO/.308 Winchester ARs. These magazines combine the reliability of steel with the weight savings of polymer. The L7AWM has a one-piece, wraparound steel feed lip assembly permanently bonded to the tough polymer magazine body, which is textured for a sure grip. You can see through the polymer and easily tell how many rounds you have left. (; 610-973-2600)


10. LimbSaver AR-15/M4 System Combo Pack

LimbSaver AR-15/M4 System Combo Pack 23 sfg
LimbSaver AR-15/M4 System Combo Pack

LimbSaver is an expert in helping reduce felt recoil in firearms. The AR-15/M4 System Combo Pack includes three parts to help an operator better control a weapon and recover from recoil more quickly. The Snap-on Recoil Pad reduces felt recoil while keeping your AR in your shoulder pocket, the Pro Handgun Grip slips over most mil-spec and aftermarket pistol grips to provide a better grip on the weapon, and the Sharpshooter X-Ring helps improve accuracy by dampening barrel whip. (; 877-257-2761)


11. Maglula 7.62mm/.308 Magazine Loader

Maglula 7.62mm/.308 Magazine Loader 23 sfg
Maglula 7.62mm/.308 Magazine Loader

Stop busting your thumbs. With Maglula’s new SR-25/DPMS/PMAG Lula magazines loaders, recharging your 7.62mm NATO/.308 AR is super fast and easy. The Lula eliminates wear on magazine feed lips to prolong their lives. It is made of lightweight polymer that is tough and reliable in all types of weather. (


12. Magpul MS1 Sling

Magpul MS1 Sling 23 sfg
Magpul MS1 Sling

The MS1 sling system is a dedicated two-point sling that can easily and rapidly be lengthened or shortened, with no tails, loops or loose ends to snag on gear or the environment. It is made of lightweight, 1.25-inch-wide nylon that is strong and wear resistant. The hardware is made of durable, heavy-duty polymer. The MS1 can also be reconfigured to a one-point sling with an optional adapter. (; 877-462-4785)

13. Mega Arms Megalithic Tactical System

Mega Arms Megalithic Tactical System 23 sfg
Mega Arms Megalithic Tactical System

Designed for the precision shooter, the Megalithic Tactical System is a one-piece upper receiver and handguard crafted in mid to rifle lengths. It also includes a leveling system placed between the upper receiver and the handguard rail. The system is available for both 5.56mm and 7.62mm (MATEN) AR platforms. The 5.56mm variant is available in KeyMod or quad-rail configurations. (; 877-857-5372)


14. PWS FSC Muzzle Devices

PWS FSC Muzzle Devices 23 sfg
PWS FSC Muzzle Devices

The FSC (Flash Suppression Compensation) system from Primary Weapons Systems (PWS) is designed not only to offer superior muzzle stabilization characteristics but also provide enough suppression to keep muzzle flash out of an operator’s optics. That means faster follow-up shots. The unique port design means it works like a muzzle brake but without the backpressure. FSC muzzle devices also accommodate Gemtech Halo suppressors. (; 208-344-5217)


15. Radetec Digital Counter

Radetec Digital Counter 23 sfg
Radetec Digital Counter

The Radetec Digital Counter keeps track of how many rounds are left inside the magazine and how many in total have been fired through the rifle while installed. It uses digital vibration sensors to detect every shot. This helps users maintain better weapon awareness in a critical situation.
(; 610-691-3212)


16. Sharps Relia-Bolt

Sharps Relia-Bolt 23 sfg
Sharps Relia-Bolt

The Relia-Bolt from the Sharps Rifle Company (SRC) helps improve the reliability of M16, M4 or civilian AR variants. The lugs of the AR bolt are tapered and rounded, unlike traditional mil-spec bolt lugs, which are flat and square. This design helps eliminate common AR jams between the bolt and barrel extension, which usually occur because the weapon is dirty. It has a patented camming action that allows the bolt to go into battery even when dirty. Made from S7 steel and given an NP3 coating, it will drop into any 5.56mm AR. (; 877-256-4794)

17. Stag Arms 40-Round 5.56mm Magazine

Stag Arms 40-Round 5.56mm Magazine 23 sfg
Stag Arms 40-Round 5.56mm Magazine

Reliable extended-capacity magazines at times can mean the difference between winning and losing. Stag Arms’ new 40-round .223/5.56mm magazines add an additional 10 rounds of ammunition to the standard 30-round magazine for more firepower. The 40-rounder is made of stainless steel to stand up to harsh abuse, and it has an anti-tilt follower. (; 860-229-9994)


18. Tac-Con 3MR Trigger

Tac-Con 3MR Trigger 23 sfg
Tac-Con 3MR Trigger

The drop-in 3MR is a fire control system with three modes: safe, match-grade semi-automatic and Tac-Con’s patented “third mode” of operation. The third mode provides a positive reset that dramatically reduces the split times between shots. Both the semi-automatic and third-mode positions feature a non-adjustable, 4.5-pound trigger pull weight with zero take-up and no overtravel. Most LE agencies limit duty triggers to 4.5 pounds and above. This trigger is not an NFA part. (; 623-282-1881)


19. TangoDown ACB-4 Bipod

TangoDown ACB-4 Bipod 23 sfg
TangoDown ACB-4 Bipod

The ACB-4 bipod from TangoDown features a low-profile design and adjustable legs with a silent release mechanism. Users can quickly, smoothly adjust the cant and traverse positioning. The legs are 8 inches long at standard height and 10.5 inches fully extended. The bipod weighs slightly over 1 pound, and it’s available in Flat Dark Earth and black. (; 909-392-4757)


20. Timney AR-15 Skeletonized Trigger

Timney AR-15 Skeletonized Trigger 23 sfg
Timney AR-15 Skeletonized Trigger

The Timney AR-15 Skeletonized Trigger control group offers users precise control. Famous for its smooth and crisp replacement triggers, Timney built this AR-15 trigger group to drop into any lower receiver with small 0.154-inch pins. It has a 3-pound pull and is made of lightweight 6061-T6 aluminum with an anodized finish. (; 866-484-6639)

21. UTG D-Grip With Quick-Release Bipod

UTG D-Grip With Quick-Release Bipod 23 sfg
UTG D-Grip With Quick-Release Bipod

The 5-inch-tall D-Grip has a finger groove and a checkered, textured rubber grip. Housed within the vertical grip is a spring-loaded bipod. Press the release button and the bipod instantly deploys. The twin legs have textured feet so the bipod can grip all types of surfaces. The vertical grip is constructed of metal with a steel insert, and it attaches to any Weaver- or Picatinny-style accessory rail via a quick-release lock lever. (; 734-542-1500)


22. Voodoo Discreet Guitar Case

Voodoo Discreet Guitar Case 23 sfg
Voodoo Discreet Guitar Case

The Discreet Guitar Case from Voodoo Tactical is designed not to attract attention. It is also highly functionally, holding two rifles up to 39 inches long. It’s constructed of lightweight 1,000-denier Cordura for long wear and uses YKK zippers. There are two outside pockets to store accessories, and inside there is a padded center divider, muzzle and stock sleeves to protect weapons and hook-and-loop straps to keep the weapons in place. Two full wrap-around handles and an adjustable/removable shoulder harness are included. (; 877-586-6366)


23. X Products X-10 Drum Magazine

X Products X-10 Drum Magazine 23 sfg
X Products X-10 Drum Magazine

Make your ArmaLite AR-10 rain lead with the 50-round, 7.62mm X-10 drum magazine from X Products. The X-10 is specifically engineered to fit all ArmaLite AR-10 rifles that use the proprietary AR-10 magazine. The magazine is constructed primarily from metal—steel and aluminum—with some polymer parts. The company’s tension relief device allows the X-10 to operate in weapons with cyclic rates of 850 rounds per minute. (

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