SWAT ALS Tactical Blast Strip Amtec Less Lethal Systems
The ALS Tactical Blast Strip from Amtec Less Lethal Systems.

The 32nd Annual SWAT Roundup International was held from Nov. 9-14, 2014, near Orlando, Fla. It was hosted by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office at its range. The SWAT Roundup is one of the longest-running and preeminent international SWAT competitions held in the U.S. The event includes world-class training classes and a half-dozen, high-speed individual and team competitive events for the dozens of overseas, out-of-state and Florida-based special operations teams. The objective of the SWAT Roundup is to have the teams come together to learn from each other and see new techniques as well as the newest and best gear available on the market.

The on-site trade show showcases international manufacturers who acknowledge that this venue is one of the best to get the right gear in front of the right people. One of those products is the ALS Tactical Blast Strip from Amtec Less Lethal Systems.

As thin as a pamphlet but offering the bark of a flashbang grenade, the ALS Tactical Blast Strip is a single-use stun munition that produces 175 decibels of sound at 7 feet. Slipped under a door, the Tactical Blast Strip can be triggered alone or with others with a 5-meter electric match to provide instant disorientation during a dynamic entry. It also gives off a 10-million candela burst of light with a pressure wave that adds to the extreme but non-destructive physiological effects. This is truly a big bang for the buck when an impressive distraction with little damage and minimal human harm is needed.

This is just one of the sample products TACTICAL WEAPONS magazine found at the event. Look for a full feature with many more SWAT-ready products in an upcoming issue of TACTICAL WEAPONS. To subscribe, visit https://www.tactical-life.com/subscribe.

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