The responsibilities of law enforcement officers in this modern era of policing must handle a multitude of tasks, from settling domestic disputes to keeping the peace on Main Street to stopping narco-traffickers and terrorists.

To help LEOs with this monumental task, many manufacturers have created innovative new products to make every officer’s life a little easier, and make sure they can get back home safely after their shifts.

Here are some of the best new  law enforcement products hitting the market in 2015.

Point Blank Long Gun Vest Sling

Point Blank Enterprises recently unveiled a new long gun retention system that will attach to a user’s tactical vest cover by means of a polymer plate. The system suspends the long gun and the swivel plate mount, allowing the operator to position the rifle in different positions in approximately 30-degree increments by pulling a quick-release strap. The long gun is quickly released from the retention system by pulling a second strap that disengages two buckles. This product will allow operators to maintain empty hands, prevent unintentional entanglement of the weapon and sling with other duty equipment, and offer relief in the form of redistribution of weight across the upper body. For more information, visit or call 800-413-5155.

Seek Thermal

Seek Thermal recently launched its new thermal imaging camera to the consumer market. Although this product is not law-enforcement-specific, it is, according to the company, “the smallest, most powerful and least expensive device of its kind.” These features will afford law enforcement officers the opportunity to personally own and utilize this technology, potentially making their jobs safer and more efficient. The Seek Thermal camera is compatible with both Android and Apple smartphones. When the device is used with a smartphone and the Seek Thermal app, the user can view the heat signatures of a variety of objects (animate and inanimate) and take still and video images from up to 1,000 feet away. For more information, visit

SureFire P2X Fury with Intellibeam Technology

Illumination is something that is critical for officer safety. Throughout the years, technology has continued to improve. SureFire has released its new and improved P2X Fury flashlight with Intellibeam Technology. What sets this light apart from others in the market is its auto-adjusting variable-output LED. Not only is this light bright at a maximum output of 600 lumens, but the intelligent sensor and microprocessor-based system continuously adjusts the output of light based on environmental conditions and needs. This technology will actually evaluate the environment before turning on so that adjustment occurs before the output. The system can be overridden and maximum output can be achieved by turning the light off and on within two seconds. This product is set to launch around June 2015. For more information, visit or call 800-828-8809.

U.S. Armor Copper Tec & Outlast Vest Carriers

Ask any officer who does not consistently wear body armor why, and their answer probably has to do with discomfort. Even for those officers who wear body armor consistently, there may be days when they forego donning their vests (if it is optional) because weather conditions are so severe that it seems more likely they’ll die from heat stroke than a bullet. U.S. Armor has introduced two new ballistic vest carriers that will eliminate excuses for not wearing a vest. The first vest carrier is called the Outlast, which uses phase-change materials called Thermocules that were originally designed for NASA’s space suits. The material absorbs, stores and releases heat to regulate an officer’s body temperature.

In addition to the Outlast, U.S. Armor has introduced its Copper Tec vest carrier. This carrier has a copper-based technology that is used in conjunction with spacer fabric to prevent heat rash and other skin conditions that arise from the moisture and bacteria commonly affiliated with wearing a ballistic vest. The carrier improves hygiene and eliminates odor-causing bacteria, fungus and microbes. For more information, visit or call 800-443-9798.

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