5.11 days deals are offering 20% off sitewide

In honor of 5.11 Day, the team at 5.11 Tactical is offering 20% off on apparel and accessories. Let’s take a quick look at what they’re offering. And if you don’t see this post today, no worries. The sale goes through the 16th of May.

How to Get to the 5.11 Day Deals

Alright, so first you need to know how to access the pricing. Luckily, you don’t have to type in a coupon code or anything like that. Just head to the 5.11 Tactical website and click on the enormous banner that looks just like the header image on this article. Alternately, you can just click this link to go to the page for all the products.

Deals on Men’s Apparel

A couple of items of note for the men’s apparel section on 5.11 Day. First are the Gunther shirts, which are a great option for casual concealment or plainclothes officers. These shirts have disguised buttons that look like a regular button up. However, they’re actually snaps, so that the garment can be buttoned fully down but cleared quickly for a fast draw.

Also available in men’s apparel are the new Coalition Pants, which are a versatile pant that can be used on the range or in the office.

5.11 Day Women’s Apparel Deals

There are also deals on women’s apparel. Since the sale is site wide, 20% off everything, women looking for some great gear have options as well. As we covered in our breakdown of 5.11s new products, the new women’s fitness line is pretty extensive, and has some great looking choices.

Other Deals, Hidden Gems, and Editor’s Thoughts

Here’s the fun fact. I only found out about the 5.11 Day deals because I needed to replace a pair of personally owned Taclite 3 gloves that had finally died after years of service. I didn’t get a press release, this isn’t a sponsor post or anything like that. I’ve been using 5.11 products, especially their casual civilian apparel like jeans and shirts for years. So far I’ve killed one pair of jeans in a motorbike crash, worn one of the plate carriers on my entire last deployment, and as mentioned use their Taclite gloves extensively.

I wrote this post because personally, I think they’re a solid brand that makes good quality gear. They’ve certainly moved past their “all tactical all the time” phase, and now offer clothing that doesn’t stand out as tactical, while still offering good choices for people working in fields like law enforcement, investigations, or EMS.

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