5.11 Tactical, renowned manufacturer of tactical gear, apparel and accessories, has introduced a new line of ChromaFlex badges for law enforcement. These badges, which were designed as an alternative to heavy metal or embroidered badges, enable LEOs to authentically maintain the authoritative appearance of a traditional badge.

As a press release notes, this new product, as with all offerings from 5.11 Tactical, is purpose-built for a variety of law enforcement missions and challenges. It has undergone quality-assurance tests to ensure its ability to meet the demands of any LEO operating in the field. In addition, the badge is home laundry and dry clean friendly. The variety of badge designs may also include a state seal insert, and laser-etched text in a number of different colors, which helps save money when compared to traditional metal badges.

“As we work to continually evolve our products to best meet the needs of our customers, the opportunity to offer a cutting-edge technology like ChromaFlex as an addition to our public safety apparel was a natural and obvious fit,” said David Hein, category business leader for 5.11 Tactical’s Institutional Division. “These professionals are dedicated to protecting our communities, and we’re committed to ensuring the officers who wear 5.11 Tactical gear are equipped with solutions that improve security, preserve authority and keep them comfortable. We decided to partner with ChromaFlex for these exact reasons.”

According to the press release, these ChromaFlex badges are compatible with a variety of materials, including sheer performance textiles, uniforms and nylon bags. ChromaFlex is part of a line of three-dimensional textile embellishments developed by Fiberlok, a company which created “an entirely new category of dimensional heat applied graphics.”

In addition to badges, ChromaFlex products include patches, stickers and more, all of which are created through a patented heat fusing process which effectively combines polyurethane films, metallized aluminum plastics and heat-seal adhesives.

“Working with a brand like 5.11 Tactical, that is so closely aligned with the factors that have made ChromaFlex a success—durability, functionality and purpose-built for strategic readiness—makes perfect sense,” said FiberLok Chief Executive Officer, Brown Abrams. “We’ve been eager to bring the break-through ChromaFlex line to market and look forward to furnishing the greatest-ever value to our law enforcement agency business partners around the world.”

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