If you are going to choose to be prepared, be prepared all the way. Make sure that not only your gun works but that you and your gear can support your concealed carry, and choose a gun belt that will keep you on point and in the fight.


BlackHawk offers a range of covert belts that cover the spectrum of style, durability and use. BlackHawk’s CQC Pistol Belt offers what ordinary dress belts can’t—a better platform for carrying a concealed handgun or spare magazines. Everyday dress belts don’t have the stability needed to keep your handgun from rolling out, yet a heavier belt with a suit can scream, “I am armed.” Blackhawk’s carbon-fiber- and lizard-skin-finished belts give you the same appearance as any other 1.25-inch dress belt that is made of premium materials with the added benefit of a reinforced spine. (; 800-694-5263)

Bullhide Belts

Bullhide Belts is an American company based in Ohio that makes leather belts “with the best, most expensive, top-grade leather available.” Bullhide Belts are custom made for each customer and shipped directly to them. You can’t buy a Bullhide Belt in a store, but you can design your own belt style by choosing the material and belt hardware. Every belt carries a three-year warranty and can last up to 30 years.

These belts can be designed for jeans, suits or universal wear. You can choose a belt made from regular leather, nylon or exotic hides such as python, cobra and sharkskin. The finishing touch is the belt buckle, with options ranging from stainless to brass to Paul Revere style. Belt width choices range from 1.25 to 1.75 inches, with belt hole options of five or seven holes set different widths apart. For the most universal fit, 1.5-inch-wide belts are the best choice. (; 330-433-9182)

Disse Amerihide Belts

Disse Outdoor Gear’s line of Amerihide high-quality leather gun belts are handcrafted in the U.S.A. The belts are constructed using two pieces of top-grain leather that are glued and stitched together to add noticeable support and structure over a typical off-the-shelf belt. Since the belts are custom-made in America, you can select your exact waist size, color, belt width and you can choose from a variety of thread colors to make your belt more unique.(; 888-854-5605)


Galco makes all of its gear in Arizona. All Galco belts are designed to carry the weight of a handgun for plainclothes use. Galco uses top-quality leather for its belts, including premium-grade, full-grain and vegetable-tanned steerhide. Both dress and casual Galco belts are individually handmade and contoured for more stability.

The CB2 Firm Contour Belt is a 1.25-inch-wide, natural-fiber-reinforced dress belt designed to support the weight of a handgun constructed of and fully lined with premium saddle leather. The CB3 Concealable Contour Belt tapers to 1 inch and is 1.5 inches wide.

The SB3 Dress Belt is 1.5 inches wide, with both the top and lining made of premium saddle leather. This is a dress belt designed to carry the weight of a handgun, and it is available in brown and black with a nickel-plated solid brass buckle, or in tan with a solid brass buckle. (; 800-874-2526)


Safariland’s wide selection of belt choices span from covert to casual to tactical. They offer belts for almost everyone; competition, cobwoy, western, duty, tactical, military, dress and sporty, as well as several belt keepers. Each Safariland belt is specifically designed for its intended use and gives the wearer a great foundation to work with.

The Model 851 Contoured Dress Belt is a 1.5-inch-wide belt made with SafariLaminate construction and with a 7/8-ounce, vegetable-tanned leather liner to provide stability for handguns. The belt is curved to fit the contours of the body and features two hidden cuff keys, one on the back of waistband and one behind the buckle, for easy accessibility. The buckle is on the left-hand side, as with most traditional male belts, and it is available in back with a solid brass or chrome buckle. (; 800-347-1200)

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