The Saker worked perfectly on my 10-inch PWS rifle in full auto. The suppressor remained in place with no significant shift in impact over several hundred rounds

Although many suppressor companies claim to have a product that is either new or improved, that’s mostly marketing—after all, there are only so many things you can do. Suppressor operation with high-powered rifles tends to be rather weapon- and ammunition-dependent, making for a balancing act between sound suppression and back pressure. You want your suppressor to be quiet and to work on your gun.

As pleasant as suppressors are to use, most people just don’t have a spare $1,000 to spend on one, which makes the process of developing and manufacturing new models problematic. Advances in CNC machining, materials and computer systems have helped. As a rule, you just have to fine-tune the working prototypes, saving the builders time, expense and material. And this has resulted in some pretty exciting new technology.



Silencerco is not new to the suppressor business. An innovator that works outside the box, it has done well. Silencerco started with its Sparrow rimfire suppressor, a well-built product offered at a reasonable priced. It solved the problem of shooting lots of lead bullets through a suppressor—rimfire ammunition is seldom plated and builds up over time. The Sparrow can be serviced without tools and easily cleaned, making for a suppressor that can last much longer.

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