The American Suppressor Association (ASA) held its awards ceremony on April 9, 2015, at the Strategic Edge members-only shooting range just minutes from downtown Nashville, Tenn. Concurrent with the NRA Annual Meeting, this was the perfect time and place for the ASA to honor the high achievers in the suppressor industry and display their state-of-the-art suppressors.

Not so long ago, there were only a few suppressor manufacturers and a limited number of states where suppressor ownership and use was encouraged. This has changed in no small part because of the ASA.

Since the ASA formed in 2011, 12 states have legalized hunting with suppressors and six states have passed “shall sign” legislation. The ASA is now working in several states to pass similar legislation. I exercise my rights in Tennessee, a state that respects its citizen’s Second Amendment rights, but I am also an ASA member in order to support those whose rights are being infringed.

The suppressor business is thriving with new ideas, designs and manufacturers. The industry has matured and manufacturers have developed brand identities and distinguishing competencies. Competitive pressure in the channels of distribution has increased.

For the shooter, this means better selection, lower prices and innovative products. Consumers are also more familiar with an NFA trust as an option for ownership.

Derek Smith from The Silencer Shop, a large online suppressor retailer, estimates that 80 percent of suppressor sales are now made to trusts. I was recently able to test the best and latest suppressors on a day when a middle Tennessee shooting range was noticeable quieter.

These six superbly crafted suppressors are just a sample of the quality and innovation in the industry today. I have no doubt that one of these manufacturers is making a suppressor that fits your requirements—and your budget.

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