As its name implies, GUNS & WEAPONS FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT is dedicated to providing cutting-edge content on the latest weapons and tactical products for law enforcement officers. But it’s much more than that.

The magazine offers some truly innovative gear for self-defense-minded citizens, competitors and hunters, too. Many of the guns featured in the magazine, for example, can be used for multiple missions, and versatility is the word of the day in the firearms world.

To that end, the latest issue of GWLE’s New Products section is teeming with great new gear, including BlackHawk’s SERPA Level 3 Light Bearing Holster. This rig makes it possible to carry a gun with a BlackHawk light mounted during tactical operations.

Another innovative product is Safariland’s ABA Xtreme body armor. Its front subset features a SAATI Honeywell weave of DuPont Kevlar, a high-strength fiber that delivers superior protection and durability. But that’s not all. Read on to learn more!

For more information on the tactical products in the gallery above, please visit the following websites:

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