It is understandable and natural that in a publication such as this, the primary focus of articles would be on the sniper rifle, optics and various accessories that could be mounted on the rifle. The secondary focus is usually on the latest and greatest calibers and ammunition for said rifle. What can get overlooked is the somewhat less “glamorous” gear precision shooters rely on to support that rifle, optics and ammo.

Since I am no longer an active team sniper, I contacted some of my fellow officers who are currently active as both snipers and sniper instructors to get their additional input on some of the best support gear available. The resulting list highlights some of their favorite items.

For more information on the sniper accessories mentioned in the gallery above, please visit the following websites:

  • BlackHawk Stalker Drag Mat: or call 800-379-1732
  • Bushnell Scout DX 1000 ARC: or call 800-423-3537
  • J. Dewey Gun Cleaning Rods & Kits: or call 203-264-3064
  • Leupold GR 15-30x50mm Compact Kit: or call 800-538-7653
  • Primos Cut Back Pak: or call 601-879-9323
  • Primos Trigger Sticks: or call 601-879-9323
  • Ricoh NV-10A: visit

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